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Posted Wednesday, June 13, 2012 // 2 comments (+)
Bad luck with CARS this few days LOL.

Firstly Kristy and I were banged by one idiot as you all know that.

Then 2ndly I almost bang INTO a guy and also his car because that road was totally dark, they met with an accident on the MIDDLE of the lane =_= and when I successfully dodged those cars and I was like... THANK GOD!!!!!!!! T_T

I was really really close to banging them omg. If I were playing with my phone I think I will bang him already =X and then forever guilty........... T_T then maybe will be sentenced to death?

Just saw some facebook photo shares about a driver was dead.. His brain and all that were ran over by a truck!! And those drivers hit and run.. They scolded the negligent driver like hell, curse him like hell but if I was that driver I also think I will hit and run .. But then suffer with guilt for the rest of my life. T_____T

I love to drive fast, but not like super fast like rempit that type la! Just drive slightly faster than careful drivers.
And I enjoy driving fast -_-'' but with my grandpa alone in my car I'll be driving like 60kmh hahahahahah!!
Just in case he complain to my mom! =P

So I think I really gotta be careful in driving already. Only speed when its okay to speed and don't drive so fast at night =.=''''

Just got back from a 10 minutes gym hahahaha cuz that gym sucked! Good thing is, a super muscular, super sexy Indian guy came and ask me : you're from bla bla bla gym one right?!
I saw him from my previous gym before! He looks not bad hahahahahah. I think all the indians are quite gifted with good looks right? That's why I had small crusn on one indian before ma wth. haha

Alright gotta go and sleep!

A dream without a plan, is just a dream.. My latest motivation line! Feel free to use la! lol
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