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Posted Monday, May 07, 2012 // 0 comments (+)
Wowzers I just got back from my work! Its 10:11 pm already. But we already knew we're going to work until this late so its okay. 

One thing I really dislike about our work place is that they never tell us when exactly are we going back! So when its after 7 pm, (my work ends at 6 to be precise) but we never go back in time. So I just....waited there, being all distracted. I really hate this feeling. And today they said we're going to work until 10 pm. So I'm all prepared that Ok, on monday I'm going to work until 10. Bathed, tied my hair and everything to make sure I'm feeling comfortable until 10pm. And we ended at 930pm today! So happy. See? We're all not distracted to go back home at all. 

Btw, today's moon is SO NICE! But isit super moon coming :/ I don't know. Haha

Pictures time!

Worked until super boring. This is what an accountant should do always. I will die seriously. But luckily I'm an auditor hahahaha but that one stress till die!! T.T

Had lunch at Ichiban Ramen @ Jusco! Something to splurge in. Ivy suggested to go Kenny Rogers but Yikxin prefer this but in the end both choices are good! This is wad I've ordered. Damn nice!!
I love Japanese Curry, vy sweet one. XD

Ivy and Yikxin's!

We ordered set!

Ivy's dessert! Inside got black sesame paste. Sound nice hor but not really.haha


Brother bought a new ipad 3!! I love their garage band app T____T But other than that I also love how HD their resolution is. Damn niceeee! And the battery lasts whole day!

Me. I love this photo so much! ^_^ Do you?

Yumcha at Gelato Cafe! I prefer Tutti Fruitti. No wonder they come in such a price. But its all worth it. I'm kinda craving for it now!!

Checked report and studied a bit for my job for 4-5 hours yesterday. Then I told mom I really dislike the fact that we're always going to work until so damn late compare to other job. Then she said, go become lecturer or professor la! They holiday, you also holiday what. Haha. That's a pretty nice idea. But... I have a feeling that I'm going to regret if I take that path. I want a professional job! I want to earn big, like real big every month. That's what I want since I am young haha. I mean, inflation is all over the place and its getting more and more severe now, so.. money talks! Then I read on some forum and they said :

Nowadays all the juniors don't even wanna work hard. They just wanna skip all the sufferings and dive into honeymoon. They wanna earn big WITHOUT suffering.

That's.....freaking true. I myself admit I HATE to suffer and I just wanna....earn big. But then NOTHING.COMES.EASY. Nothing. Zero, Nil, none. So don't think about skipping all the hard times and straight enter good times, that's impossible. So haiz I should feel glad that I'm having all these stress everyday too. Because if I were to quit all these, I know, I know I will regret. 

Gonna sleep now, goodnight!

Its not that hard to work until so late when you have bunch of nice colleagues. :))))))))) 
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