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Posted Thursday, May 03, 2012 // 0 comments (+)

More than my 1 month intern salary WT* hahahahahaha
I think I just go and become a maid lah! Hahaha

Yesterday is public holidays for us workers!! ^_^ So I went Melaka with my colleagues (that is random).
We talked about this earlier saying we all wanna go  Melaka but I didn't know, I mean NONE of us know it will be so soon.

Its nice to hang out with them too, they're very...........down to earth haha. I love these people. Humble and willing to tolerate each other ^_^

1st stop : EP! My house because our driver needs to get something from her own house. Introduced my colleagues to my housemates and sister! And showed them this ^_^

See how cuteeeeeeeeee he is!! I've seen so many sugar gliders but none is as cute as him ^_^ LOL
Some people are even afraid of him, I dont even know why. Its not like he is lizard okay.

Then my housemates uploaded this in instagram with the caption : I LOVE THEM! Wah so thick face right!

Then 2nd stop : Chicken Rice!

Super duper cheap chicken rice WITHOUT long queue and its the best in town!Hehe. My colleagues are very satisfied with them too!

3rd stop : Dahtaran Pahlawan!

Brought them to shop. We couldn't go around Melaka cuz our friend aka the driver needs to go somewhere with her own friends so we only ended up shopping n DP.

Lining up for Nadeje!

Super craving their cakes after so long!

But look at the crazyyyyy queue.

They don't provide dine in so we have to go other places to have the cake instead.

So we went to CHATIME!! Been craving for its drink for 2 months already.
Still soooo good! ^_^

My all time favourite! See the bright colors!! And it tastes good also la haha.

My colleague's! Look at those pearlsssssss!! @_@

And not forgetting, the cakes!! T_T damn nice le.
Then we went to.....shop around! ^_^
Colleagues went to shop for pants for almost 1 hour. Haha but I'm glad they did so because I prefer people who really go and shop for the things they're interested in instead of feeling shy and don't wanna look at them.

Then we passed by pet shop and my colleague wanna buy something so we ended up there. ^_^ showing them sugar glider again! ^_^

Look at these cute lil sugar gliders.SOOOOOO adorable!!

This is so cool hor. Haha sleeping alone without others interfering!

Then we had dinner at Porridge house! Didn't manage to take any photos because my phone ran out of battery.

Got back home around 11+!

The next day I was like..... Super sleepy and tired. Then I thought I've lost passion in my work or something. So I kept thinking about it and wondering why am I so tired when I sleeps at 12 wake up at 730. Then all of my other colleagues come to me and said : Eh I 'm so sleepy today..... The other one also said : EH EH ME TOO ME TOO!!

Then only I realized it wasn't my problem! HAHA!!

Other photos!

My beautiful church. They put some magenta lightings and its soooo pretty.

Colleague's birthday! Free lunch =D

This chicken is really nice!

Some of my colleagues.

The feast!!

Last but not least, some photo of the day.LOL!


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