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Posted Wednesday, May 23, 2012 // 0 comments (+)

Look how gorgeous this place is? I really wanna go there one day.

If only I have lots of cash and my friends also have lots of cash and she said : Eh.... JOM!!!!!! LOL!!!

I am a person who loves night time more than day time haha. And I think at night all the lights lit up with white structures are sooooo damn beautiful!! Blue color lighting, spot a swimming pool there?! Damn!! haha.

I duwan go Maldives liao. haha.

Btw, just wanna share with you all one topic!

About girls and guys friendship. When guys meet each other they will greet each other with the worse words they can ever speak. When girls meet each others all they say is HEY BABE, HOW ARE YOU? Or Hey darling, how are you?

I got this quite a lot of times. A friend of mine, a very old friend of mine pmed me and say : Hey dear, how are you?

I was like, WTH!!! WHO R U!! LOL!! No la just kidding. I only dear to certain people. Like those who are used to be lovey dovey to me. Then she suddenly say DEAR I was like O____O hahahahahaha.

But really, when I'm really close to someone I'll just be damn rude to him/her. Hahahaha. Not damn rude like all the bad words la but I'll just not be nice to him/her anymore. Haha.

To girls, its not like you can't do that but girls are sensitive animals! They need to know they are loved. So I will normally go nice to them at first, then very rude at the end. Hahaha don't you just love this kinda relationship? =)

Best friends don't get jealous of each other, don't get offended by each other's jokes. IF they ever got offended, they will voice out instead of hiding them behind. =)

Ok gotta go! Tomorrow Korea lunch with friends ^_^

Btw I had Kenny Rogers today as lunch! Damn awesome :D :D :D haha.
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