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Posted Friday, May 11, 2012 // 0 comments (+)
Its 3:55am. I'm feeling really sentimental so I really have to blog now.

I'm in Melaka for friend's farewell party. My best friend is going to graduate. She just finished her last university exam. We met up with a bunch of friends who are going to graduate too and hang out until 3am.

I simply can't summarize the awesomeness of the night inside these tiny box. I love all of my friends so much. My mistakes for not realizing they going to graduate so soon, was so busy with work.

Until today, the whole Melaka atmosphere is about farewell, last party, last gathering and so on. Everyone dressed up in their best and just ignore everything and splurge on alcohols and expensive dinners.

I bumped into a bunch of friends who are also going to grad soon and we shook our hands, saying goodbye. Wow Stephanie when was the last time you bid others goodbye, I can hardly remember.

Suddenly I feel like I am so blessed with all the kindness around me.
My life has never been perfect, I have my own flaws, my own problems, not everyone treat me good, some people scolds, hurt, backstab, ignores me before. Not that I have never experienced before. But the kindness are the ones that make me feel my life is so worth it.

1) The uncle that sells fruit to us in office alwayssss put in an extra packet inside my plastic bag without me even realizing.

2) Best friends I have in MMU that I will never be bored of ever in my life.

3) Best guy friends that we can say I MISS U SO MUCH without feeling fishy.

4) Best girlfriends that will talk to each others about problems.

5) Best boyfriends that will protect the girls when they are all in a new environment.

6) Friends that acknowledge you as their best friends.

7) Lovely parents that always makes me feel welcomed and loved after a hard day at work.

What more can I ask for?

I DON'T have a perfect life. But I do feel grateful for what I have.

If only we live everyday as if everyone is going to leave us one day, we will appreciate every single details in life.

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