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Posted Tuesday, May 22, 2012 // 3 comments (+)
I always feel so loved when people actually still read my blog when I've already privatized it (actually not so private lol) but yeah I do not want like the whole world to know I have a blog because I need to express myself! I don't want too many people to know what kinda person I really am sometimes. Haha.

Anyways, I'm going to blog about my night out to Melaka soon and also some new updates of my life!

Be patiend, will blog about that later.

So, Kristy is back to Seremban! And also Timmy ^_^ I love more people in the house, it makes it noisier. At least like not so lonely.

Any nice songs to recommend? I've been looping my playlist during work for months now, can you imagine how bored I am with those songs. Plus Hitz.fm and Fly fm always play different songs!!! *shit no one says.

Oh oh one of the most exciting news I have to share is : We went mountain climbing!!!!!! Ok la its only Bukit Kepayang ok and its damn short but still, we feel ourselves so great and huge. hehe. Broga next!!

It was a random, super random decision to suddenly go mountain climbing. That was my first time though. And thumbs up for randomness ^_^ I love randomness. Hehe.

And surprisingly my colleagues are all very sporty person. My supervisor went to play badminton every wednesday and friday every week, and my boss... He damn crazy. He went Gunung Angsi up and down like piece of cake. =.=''''''''

Now I feel I damn weak. Sigh.

P/s : I damn miss Melaka man. :( I miss the outings, the fun, everythinggggggggg.

Ok update more in the future, bye!
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