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Posted Thursday, May 10, 2012 // 0 comments (+)
Hi all! I won't be available for the next 3 days so I'm going to blog first!!! ^_^

Just got back from work, we worked until 10 today! But at first they said wanna work until 11 one hehehehe.

Mom packed some dinner for me because all my other colleagues also do like that and then when my mom gave me my dinner they were like, WAHHHHHH!! =.= cuz got soup hahaha. When you're at somewhere new (or old) and your mom just pack you something to eat in a very tidy, well organized way, it shows how much love and care she put in in just a dinnerbox. :')

I don't know why but when I grow up more only I starting to realize how much mom reaaaally love us. We can never repay her for what she had done to us, never. So just buy a lil bit of something, and then bring her out to dinner to cheer her up. BUY HER DINNER FOR REAL. Don't let your daddy spend that dinner. LOL! And she will feel super sweet. ^_^ its all over her face!

Or or you can buy something like this to cheer her up woohoo!

Let you steal my idea lah! haha but seriously, this is damn sweet lo I feel. Especially when you wrap it up for her and when she opens it, she'll see so much love ^_^

So today morning I was like, '' have to wake up now!! But 5 more minutes please..... No no no, must wake up its already 8am already!! What if I postpone to 830am only wake up ah??? I'LL BE FREAKING LATE. So I immediately sprung up and bath LOL.

Work for OT ain't that bad when you have good radio station, good cold air cond, less people with only people you're comfortable to work with. Hmmm. ^_^ Love all my colleagues!! They're sooooo good!! (Minus the fierce + scolding part)

I'm going to Melaka tomorrow!! Yeayyyyyy!!! Then KL on Saturday!!! Then Mother's DAy dinner on Sunday!!! (I hope) Then Monday.................. lol

So today was really funny + stupid. I was working at highest floor, my colleague is working at ground floor. A guy came to take his tax file. So she quickly tell me using our company's messenger and said ''FASTER COME DOWN AND SEE ONE GUY. IF YOU DONT SEE DONT REGRET..''

Then without replying her, I went down immediately LOL! And then I saw a guy, and he saw me too. Then I was like, errr what's with this guy? And my colleague who is sitting beside him wrote something on her cellphone and said ''HE DROVE A LAMBORGHINI. PARKING OUTSIDE ONLY.''

LOL! So I was stunned and amazed and returned back to work.When I saw him drove away his car, it was not lamborghini, just Nissan GTR R35. (FYI I am a nut when it comes to car. I only know basic cars)
But still he's damn freaking rich cuz he's only 22 years old!!!!! And he has to pay tax for what he has earned. Same age as me! O_O

What a super sexy car!! I was peeping the whole time hahaha. And we really thought its lamborghini LOL! Silly us hor hahah but really....... so nice T________T

Bro bought me this!

You know what's the purpose he bought this?



Thanks bro, I know you love me ^_^
I love you too! hehe.

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