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Posted Sunday, April 22, 2012 // 0 comments (+)
Sorry for neglecting my blog! My life has been too happening LOL just kidding!haha

I'm typing this entry while I'm lying on my bed and via iPhone so it's pretty hard to type accurately!

I should be sleeping right now it's 2am but i feel obliged to update my blog a while cuz I have so many things to share!

So today is siong zu's birthday and we gave him a surprise! It was last minute celebration and thank God we managed to buy a cake last minute.

First yumcha after so long without monopoly Haha. We talked bout love.
The twins said that we should start seeing someone already which I couldn't agree more but the thing is, I find myself enjoying my single life a lot hahaha. Yea talk more Stephanie later u sure regret -.-" but anyways, I do want to have someone to greet me good morning good night, someone to accompany me sometimes okay. But when it comes, it comes. Haha

And we also talk about whether to savor a broken relationship or to just end it. Idk man. It really depends huh. Love, is a complicated yet addictive thing!

Again, happy birthday to siong zu' kinda like my best guy friend. We care for each other so much and we think so alike! :)

Alright gtg! Tmr work ah shud sleep now Steph T.T no matter how hyped I am I shud sleep dy!!!!

Hehe goodnight ! Xo

Ps I wrote an forgot to publish it do it's 20th's post. Hehe :)
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