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Posted Sunday, April 01, 2012 // 0 comments (+)
So today is April Fool, anyone got fooled yet?!!!

HAHA. I don't like the fact that people kept on reminding others its april fool on facebook. like kept on reminding! What's the point of reminding people when they won't believe in everything you've said!! So I will never ever remind people about April Fool.

And this year, I never really fooled anyone. I got fooled instead. My friends were passing by from KL to Melaka so they wanna have dinner together. Then last minute they said they can't make it! So I never even suspect a single bit. Was pretty disappointed and then I told my mom I will follow them to KL visit my cousin.

But later on they said they were just joking. I JUST GOT GOTCHA'D. =.= I always thought I'm too old for that!! But I fall for that today!! LOL!!! It was really damn funny.

I have lots of ironing clothes, revising my notes to do but right now I just wanna blog just to update my weekends to you all!!

I love love love love weekends. T_T
FYI I baked yesterday! Busy until 12pm yesterday then we went Jusco. Just got my pay so I treated my sister sushi king. And also secret recipe. Its gonna be her turn soon! muahahahaha. Then we bought some cupcakes ingredients. She wanna bake cupcakes, and I wanna bake chocolate lover's mousse! (That's the name)

Bought these 6 cupcakes for RM10 randomly from a cute cupcake shop.

Looks so nice right? Not that super nice but they are counted as quite nice dy!

Look how nice this is!!

And ours. hahahahaha

Tadaaaaa! My chocolate lover's mousse! The portion is super small but we can't finish it either. Its SUPER NICE!!! Counted as successful but not perfect yet. The next time I do I will make it right! =DD

Then mom joined us too. She made some pancakes with smileys. So cute huh?

Then at night we went out dinner with the family! A tradition I love in our family. And then went out yumcha with my friends! At first I really wanna watch Mirror Mirror one but as expected, all the nice seats sold out. So we can only go for yumcha. Forgive me if I love to go out so often, work during weekdays are really really dreadful. Gave some cupcakes to them and all we got was bad comments -.- but nevermind first time ma horrrr..hahaha

Hmm speaking of my studies, I'm going to take extra 5 papers after I graduate. So I think I'm going to half study half work! Yes yes that will be my ultimate decision I hope.

I will just find a small firm and work, gain experience for few years + study. By that I will have experience + time to study! What a wonderful idea. I hope it worked.

Went church today, beside there is a guy kept on texting like there's no tomorrow for that one hour. I really dislike people doing like this. Its okay if you text once a while but not whole hour please! Please learn how to respect -,-

Gotta go sleep, good night! =D
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