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Posted Saturday, April 28, 2012 // 0 comments (+)
So I chose to stay in for my weekends, not gonig anywhere with friends. Suprisingly I don't feel bored lol.

I'm craving for a good, happy, fun, chill beer session. I still remember the moment when I sat outside Movida, drank quite a lot of alcohol and we just.. talk with all our friends. We got a bit high and we started playing truth or dare HAHA. But mostly also truth la. And all I really want to have right now is to have a bunch of good friends with some beer!!I'm not an alcoholic but I can't deny it does feel really good to have a beer session once in a while. :))

So today I woke up very the late ^_______^ I LOVE WEEKENDS!! And then I went to teach tuition and I got served with this this time.

Thank you soooooo so so much for your hospitality =.= and she replied : Oh no no no you're most welcome!! @_@ how often can you see people this polite?

Then after that I went to shop for cake bakery stuffs! I'm so into baking or cooking (mainly western food) nowadays I don't know why. Mostly cupcakes lol. I'm waiting for Kristy to come back so we can both bake together! Bought some ingredients for baking too! :D

Pictures time!!

This is how my colleague sleeps =.='' can she even breath?! ahaha. She's such a cute and straight forward girl. =)

Chocolates from Germany! Thanks Ken for bringing us so much chocolates. So much until I can gain 10kg from that haha serious! So I'm thinking of giving away some of them next time when I have yumcha with my friends, or we eat on the spot!

Notice how its almost in germany words?! Wahh damn cool!

A LOVE pillow. ^_^ Awww hahahah no lah its a mother's day gift we courier to mom from Melaka during last year's Mother's day. I think she was damn happy when she received it. =)

Tadaaaa! Its inside the car now.

Floral dress match with floral seat mat. I love that pink seat mat my mom bought!

DIY-ed some pearl earrings in the weekends. I love to DIY stuff. I love to do my nails, love to do some small lil presents for my friends, love to do some bakings, love to do some beadings and stuff. Hehe.

Meet my cutie cutie pie!! ^_^ I love her the most in this world lol. She's with me through ups and downs. I love her so much!

Colleague farewell party on Friday. My boss's sister treated us sushi! This is just one small part of the whole sushi feast. O_O

Dinner with the parents! We always have dinner outside during saturdays because we're dining with our grandfather. My grandmother went to Australia so we accompany him dinner! =)

Last but not least I re-edited this photo and look how shiny my nails are! hahahaha. Love it.

Read some news about Bersih and Lynas because I don't wanna be this annoying facebook girl.

Annoying facebook girl : OMG support Bersih~! Stop Lynas~! *knows nothing about both of them*

HAHAH. And then I saw how our rakyat protested just to have a clean and fair election, some even dressed up like power ranger in scorching sun! Some died, some injured sigh. I hope we will have a better future for Malaysia. That's why I kinda feel bad for not supporting Bersih lol. But if I want to go, who wanna go with me? =(
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