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Posted Thursday, April 26, 2012 // 0 comments (+)
Nothing makes me happier than..................

Discussing about good looking guys. NO only my types will make me hyped hahahahahaha!!

So our church has one super good looking guy, both kristy and I will always look at him and admire him from afar but its just pure admiring haha nothing else!

He wears specs with tiny eyes =.= but I like okay. He looks good okay. So my friend says : You like tiny eyes?Just like how I love thick lips! No! I prefer double eyelid guys because I find their eyes mesmerizing when I stare into them in romantic occasion, especially in night time hahahahah ! Nothing fishy just pure looking into their eyes make me feel so happy.LOL! Got once one of my friend has damn good looking eyes then at night we were out whole bunch and I happened to talk to him and I looked straight into his eyes and I was like, WOW you have super nice pair of eyes O_O.. (Plus he was smiling at me so that's really damn mesmerizing haha) but we're really just friends!

Then today I look the tiny eye guy's facebook pictures and I was like.. how on earth such good looking guy exist in this world!! Until then I cant stop smiling hahahahaha.

Then we talked about some Korea good looking guys and I'm like -> :))))))))) again hahahahhaha someone stop me please! Even I'm still smiling when I'm typing this post!

I almost forgot how it feels like to talk about someone you admire. haha its reallyyyy nice.

OK ok gotta behave Steph!! hahahahahah.  good night! =P

Tomorrow friday! Heeee ^_^

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