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Posted Wednesday, April 11, 2012 // 0 comments (+)
Just gave my parents some money because I came out and work. It ain't a lot of money because I'm just having my internship at the moment,not really working. I almost teared when I gave them money. So I told them these are the money I'm going to give and then I just went away before I teared lol. I felt like I'm officially an adult that is able to spend them money just like how they spent on us for the past 22 years. :')
But only lasts for 6 months lol.

And that how many thoughts I had, were once fantasy and they don't really turn out to be as fantastic as you imagined your life would be. Only when you get your hands dirty on it, they will slowly become true.

Ok stop being so sentimental. lol back to topic!

This is the small lil indian kid that I was talking about! He's really super cute. especially in his white and blue pajamas ^_^

I played with Siri for 1 hour on bed haha its just too fun! And the moment when she plays ''A Thousand Years'' my heart melts instantly T____T I really really love that song. I want that to be my wedding song. Lol

So its Ah Fu's birthday!! She's 1 of my best friend in secondary, because we had so much to talk about. And she's genuine and sincere, so down to earth and humble. =) so happy birthday to you my love.

We celebrated @ Old Town. Happy 22nd birthdayyyy! ;D

So today is a holiday!! I woke up at 12pm ^_^ no guilt or shame at all because I only woke up this long today since a month ago! My mom asked me during morning whether I wanna have breakfast together or not and I just remember I shake my hand so vigorously and continue sleeping LOL but regretted when I woke up because I can sleep so late this weekends also. =.=''

Played some piano with music sheets in my laptop =.= lol.

And then I went to Jusco with my brother! Its a public holiday so I don't wanna stay at home! ^_^

Inside changing room. Bought a formal top for myself for work.

Does this appear familiar to you guys? This was my reading material when I was young!

Then we went to eat Guai Ling Gou and it was reaaaaaaaaaaally awesome.

Red vampy nails.

Went jogging after that. Insisted to go for a jog because I can hardly find a time to jog when I work. I always reach home at 7pm. So whenever there is a chance I will try to jog. Exercise 3 times a week help you get rid of a lot of diseases! Such as, breast cancer. I don't want anything wrong with my breasts so I make sure I exercise when I have the chance. Breast cancer is really scary >_<.  So why not go for a good and benefitial jog 3 times a week and enjoy life when you grow old right? Hehehe.

Its working day again tomorrow. Thanks for the public holiday. I loved it. And God bless Indonesia people who suffered from 8.9 grade Tsunami. Bless them don't suffer much damage and bless them get reunited back with their own family, that's what matters the most.
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