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Posted Monday, April 09, 2012 // 0 comments (+)
Hooooooola!!! So I bought an iPhone 4s.

Haha I know its a pretty random starting line but I'm really glad I bought it!!!!! Now I can take photos of myself everywhere ^_^ LOL no la joking. I can online on the gooooooo! Add me in whatsapp please!! 

First time drove to Times Square and it was AWFUL. Those roads were super confusing =.='' now I feel my dad damn geng can go anywhere. Basically EVERYWHERE. As long as its in Malaysia he can figure the road out. Why ah girls so noob in directions one ah?

Its the weekends!! I love to blog about my weekends because I LOVE LOVE LOVE weekends and I want to share my joy with you all!

Went out for the movie ''Street Dance 2'' on Saturday. It was not good. Bad movie I would say, except their finale dance. The storyline was really predictable, so predictable until an extend that it makes u feel like they don't put much effort in making the storyline more creative. The dance was not bad but they don't really impress me!

Met up with Siong Zu and had lunch with em. Its not lunch its just snack =.='' very light snack as lunch aih.

Curry! Lovessssss it but its a bit too spicy for me. And if the bread is white one then good. hahaha

Added 3 new polishes to my stash! Left is a vampy dark bloody red. Middle is a fall color, right is chili red.

Came back, went dinner with the family! Then sunday night, easter musical @ Agape!

Hehe I love my church!

Both of us cut our hair. RM23 only by some professionals!! 

 So I'm searching high and low for the constructor, there he is! Sitting just in front of me am I blind or what LOL. He's so damn cool. Don't judge this photo okay. In real life he's really damn charming hahah cuz he's serious. I love serious boys! 

The drama team! They put a lot of efforts in it. It turned out good too.

The choir! Spot our lengzai inside. =PP

They delivered some speech that night and I felt really touched by their words. I felt so grateful to be still living, so grateful to feel hopeful, so grateful for every,single, thing. Thank you Jesus! =)

Don't question Jesus in your brain, experience Him in your heart. :)

Went Ching Ming that morning too! I loveeeee Ching Ming. Not because of the super sunny weather but because I love to gather with my cousins and we just kept on talking non stop lol. They are all very sincere and true. I love sincerity. =)

My baby cousin boy LOVES hello kitty! HOW CUTE IS THAT!! LOL! But he knows he can't take hello kitty stuff when he's out because people will laugh at him. T___________T my heart ached a bit when i hear this from his mother. But he is still so cute and I love them always. =D

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