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Posted Thursday, April 05, 2012 // 0 comments (+)


So my friend shared this song : Afrojack - Rock The House which I think is pretty awesomeee!! Makes me feel like going clubbing already haha the music, the lightings, the crowd!! It makes people hype. ^_^ Especially when you party with bunch of friends that will make sure of your safety, take care of you and get crazy with you all night long!! =D =D =D

I mean, who don't like these kinda event, its so enjoying! Its like a pure release of stress but then ah I think I have to control myself a bit. If not later my heart gone TOO wild that I will find my working life lifeless. By saying its lifeless means I can't club. So lame hor omg my mom n dad's gonna kill me.=.=

And I think its really time to have slightly more, a weeeeee bit more of a discipline inside me. No matter how, your main thing is work, earn money to have a better future in the long run. That is what we ALL should focus on. Clubbing, having fun, waking up late, outings are nice but still, they don't make you feel good from the bottom of your heart. 

So yeah I can only enjoy the music in my own room but not the actual club but its okay Steph! time to tame yourself down and concentrate on some serious thing! Gotta find some way to love my work too. I think time will do the magic. Right now I still feel super insecure about the tasks I've been assigned to. I hate doing things that I don't know how to do, or feel insecure to do because I'm not sure whether they are right or wrong.

Just when I wanna complain about my work, I have to realize that I am actually wearing what I would love to wear, work in a cozy air conditioning room, with fully equipped pantries and washroom, with everyday newspaper supply and sometimes some slightly expensive lunch. I am nobody to complain anymore compare to those who work under the sun everyday, to put a booth to sell some goods every single day. I should be glad.=)

Plus today there are a few good ladies who helped me on my work! I loveeeeee people who gladly teach their trainees, and say : ask me if you don't know anything :))) I feel really comfortable hearing these words! It makes me feel safe in a new environment.

This morning I woke up from a BAD nightmare! >:( No I did not cry, but I did cry a lot in my dreams. I dreamt a guy went brain dead cause of an accident. He is going to die anyways but the process is so slow. His heart is still working but .. he will never wake up anymore. And a family is torn between letting him die right now, or just wait until he really die. And I realize how important it is to drive carefully and how vulnerable a life is. =(

Yay tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! =D
I hope my weekends will be fun. I hope.
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