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Posted Tuesday, April 24, 2012 // 0 comments (+)
Hello! Wanna update my blog today because I have pictures to share! ^_^

Listening to : On Call 36 song hahaha its awesome okay. I LOVE that show! Go watch it already if you havent!! I beg you!!!!1 hahaha joking!

Anyways, I insomnia yesterday until like 3-4 am T_T and I woke up at 730 regretting why the hell I drank tea before I sleep.

Pictures again!

Tong Sui!! I love tong sui haha I sometimes have them during lunch nearby. ^_^

My weekly done nails. I used to get soooo obsessed with nail polishes last time but actually right now I still am, but I find its quite a waste to purchase expensive overseas brands because they will thicken up after a few times of application and you will throw it eventually so they are not worth the money. And right now I realize I saved so much more than I used to. Sign of growing up ha-ha!

But but overseas brands nail polishes have SO MANY NICE COLORS!!! I will buy them when I really work that time. Can't wait to really come out and earn money!!

Camwhored before sleep haha. And I took one photo I think damn nice one (sorry for being perasan) but then I accidentally deleted!! You know girls can take 10++ of photos of the same pose and only 1 of them will actually look good? And I deleted that 1 =.=''''

Smiling while camwhored inside toilet hahaha that's so uncool. But this is one of the rare pics that I smile with braces.

I gave tuition to this cute lil kid from India (if you guys read my blog you will know) and his mom asked me to gave him tuition several times before I had my dinner and she realized I haven't had dinner so she will always give me something to eat!!! T_T damn sweet of her. I love her hospitality!

Bought this handcream. I really love the smell of it!

Bought some korea strawberries ( I must make sure they're sweet enough that's why I bought Korea ones)

And I made this!! Strawberry parfait. Looks damn good cuz of the strawberries. And I accidentally discovered something lately, put lots of corn flakes inside yoghurt will make the best combination ever!

Mango pudding!! Looks really nice right? Hehe. Gotta go now. Had a bad day at work sigh. But I hope and pray it will not destroy me but strengthen me.

Dad told me something that I hope i can remember for the rest of my life : Nothing comes easy..

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