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Posted Sunday, April 15, 2012 // 0 comments (+)

So today I got gotcha-ed by my friend Siong Zu. He's really good. Made some chocolate cupcakes want to deliver to them so I texted him come and take it at Jusco Entrance (He is working in Jusco).
I suddenly got a call from an unknown house number.

Me : Hello
SZ : Hi, is this Stephanie?
Me : Yes, who are you?
SZ : I am calling from Digi.. I want to inform you something ah..
Me : (Digi??!?!) Ok, what is it?
SZ : You recently just bought an iphone right?
Me : Yes
SZ : Oh okay, starting next month ah, we're going to increase our price for the iphone..
Me : You mean the data plan ah?
SZ : Erm how much you pay for the installment per month?
Me : I don't pay installment... You're saying bout the every month data plan bills isit?
Me : Oh I see. so how much you pay every month for your data plan?
Me : RM55...
SZ : Ok, so starting next month right, we're going to raise our price to RM70 per month ya..
Me : O_o who said so???
SZ : I said so cuz I'm SIONG ZU. HAHAHAHAHAH

Like wth man!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAH!!!

Colleague made some blueberry cheese cake for us! Its really nice and smooth!!

On Thursday night while I was onlining, my mom asked me : Ying, can I drink this?=.=''''' so we drank that and my dad said it tastes pretty nice! 

This German beer was a gift from Ken. And I thought I wanna share with my friends but then my mom and dad drank it =.=

Colleague's birthday! My all time favourite Carbonara. =D

The durian cake on the left is really nice!! Awesome! Love it!! 

Yixi & Yaa wen in seremban! haha no lah they fetched Kristy back and they're heading to KL.

After watching Battleship (which I think its really awesome! But the storyline a bit not that good but still, I love the whole movie!!)

Had lunch at McD. Their new horlick mcflurry! Tastes not bad. But I still love my strawberry sundae. I super love that one.

Then we went Jing Si Xuan to study and chill.

The environment is very nice. Cold, cozy, yellow light, clean environment, bamboo looking chairs and decorations make it feel very natural and comfortable and also some really light music!

I ordered Lavender hot tea and Kristy ordered Honey Citrus Tea. The only thing not good here is you cannot share drinks. Each and everyone must order at least 1 drink for herself.

Then at night, family dinner with my mom dad, grandpa, kristy, eldest bro and his gf!!

Then went out yumcha with our usual card games ^_____^

She sings really nice!! Very young and sing very nice.

Kristy's latest hairstyle! Looks like Rukiah right?  hahahahahah!

Baked some chocolate cupcakes (again) after church. 

With colourful hearts on it =D

And also pink polka dot cones.

After some sprinkles of chocolate rice! Looks like Tutti Fruitti hor =.=

Kristy's very ugly creation but she insist it looks photogenic. OH WELLSSSSS!!

A smiley for Kim Soon. Hopefully he smiles more hahahaha jk.

S for Siong Zu, R for Rachel. Heart for ahhh Kristy's bf haha

Baby Timmy ^_^

Deliver to their doorstep! Hope you guys loved em. they tastes not bad actually. But the icing really not nice haha so if you received cupcakes W/O icing, you're lucky =D


I hope its true. 

Tomorrow work againnnnnnnnn. =( 
Give me strength to endure it!
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