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Posted Monday, April 30, 2012 // 0 comments (+)
Always, keep a comfortable distance.

No matter to who on this earth, just keep a comfortable distance. You can be close, like damn close to someone but always always leave some privacy or space for yourself.

I used to get super close to people. Its either I get super close, or I get not so close. And it feels good to be super close with someone. I do admit that though. But the closer you guys are, the higher the expectations will be. No matter its a boy and girl relationship or just a friendship, its always better to keep a comfortable distance. The moment when you get TOO close to a girl, chances are you ARE going to be disappointed when she never ask you out to somewhere or she never even ask you to join in her activities. Human will get jealous, not so say girls lol. But sometimes she might just wanna have more of her privacy. Sometimes when you're not being invited it doesnt mean you're not being welcomed or liked. Girls just think too much right.

A friend of mine told me this : I entered National Service with bunch of 18 years old girls right, they're so childish man!! Like when I go make other friends, they will be jealous and stuff. Throw tantrums at me n stuff. Hello I kenot make more friends I must always stick with her ah?

Just a simple dialogue with her, an unintentional dialogue makes me realize that she is true. She is so true.
We're all 22 years old right now but why we still care about who never ask who out and stuff? They have the right to ask you out or not to. When they do, appreciate them! When they don't, never mind!! You can do your own stuff instead, right?

I used to be a very jealous girl too. I don't know right now I still am or not but I know I can't be like that anymore.

Kristy and I used to almost argue. We argue about our attitude LOL. I'm super outgoing person, as what my friend said I am : wild X_X (I duwannnnn). And Kristy is a homey person. So I always want my sister to accompany me here and there during the weekends cuz its like I can FINALLY get a day off to go shopping or enjoy!!!! But to think on her shoes, she's like having outings almost everyday in Melaka. So when she just wanna stay in during the weekends, she don't understand why I don't allow. And I don't understand why she wanna stay in for the weekends! So we both talked this out and I think she got my msg and I know I got hers.

I can no longer blame her for not accompanying me anymore. If I don't have friends to go out with, just stay at home! Or or go shopping all by myself just to relax a bit. Its not big deal.

And she has to accompany her bf, she has her own engineering friends to go out with. I just simply kenot expect her to compromise with all of my schedules and my plannings. I slowly understood her position and I just let her go. Let her go with her friends, let her go accompany her bf.

You won't know how much thinking and hard feelings it cost for one to grow up a bit. So please grow up and try to be considerate!!

More privacy is always better. Be independent, don't rely on people to give you happiness. =)
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