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Posted Wednesday, March 14, 2012 // 0 comments (+)
My facebook account has more and more of my work colleagues, its no longer a safe place anymoreeeeee!

I kenot post stuffs like ''MIXX IS FUNNNNNN!! '' ''I GOT A HANGOVER, WOOOOOO-OOOO~'' wth hahahahaha!!

Its not like I can club anymore. =( But but but after 6 months I'll be free!

The feeling of waking up at 730 on weekdays no fail, is kinda hard. Now I know why people miss going back to study life. Because they don't always have to wake up this early and sleep this early.

I felt like I can't even stand myself not sleeping until 2 am max. Around 1 am plus I'm feeling sleepy already. This is a good sign!! =D

Well my work place is actually counted as REALLY really good already. Got a friend to accompany me so that I don't totally feel new there, got 3 storeys with 3 pantries to make your own hot tea and even COOK! Their toilets are very clean (I am very particular about toilet hygenic!), the staffs are friendly (but not those passionate friendly type if you get wad i mean, different places different culture. I'm so used to same age peers passionate friendly culture and now suddenly I'm with all of matured working women) and a boss who loves to encourage us read books. Every now and then he will ask us to go inside his office and talk to us about why gaining knowledges are important, good is the enemy of great etc. His lectures are really really good. I enjoy em.

Sometimes during work you will get scoldings, get sarcastic answers but I think those are normal right. As days gone by I kinda start getting used to people saying sarcastic words, people saying things that you dont like. Start accepting them for what they said because the are no longer children, they can't change easily. And the stress they've been through, have to understand them really. Even if sometimes I have to do all over again cuz of multiple mistakes, I have to see this as an opportunity of learning. Time to grow up Steph!!!

Watching On Call 36 and it made me realize how death is so near to us every single day. Every single day we're still alive is the day we won death. =')) So appreciate people around you because you just don't know what happen to them seconds later. I just hope Jesus will bless all my beloved friends and family, bless them safe and sound. ^_^

P/s : Feels like chilling in starbucks. With a book and their hot signature chocolate. I wish to have time to slowly do the stuffs that I like. But I'm trying hard not to complain! =D
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