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Posted Wednesday, March 07, 2012 // 5 comments (+)
Listening to : Hangover (Hardwell Extended Mix) This version is really good! Go youtube it!!

I'm missing my night life already T_____T the moment where we're all dressed up in nice fancy dress, with make up on, heels on, everything pretty pretty and then go drink or club or just gather around!!!

I miss Melaka life -_-'' damn!!

Right now I'm all stucked with work. Gotta behave like good girl these 6 months. No night life at all (except Friday n Sat..)

Today my colleague , John is really good to us! We went McD yesterday and we talked about having sushi the next day. But Yikxin said it was too exp and I thought so too and we didn't plan wanna go already. So John kept asking : hey so where we gonna eat today?? Huh huh?? Where ah??? something like bugging us, we kinda know his intention is he wanna eat sushi LOL! Then he said, ok la I belanja lo since I really crave for sushi!!!

OMG!! =D =D =D Yayyyy!!

Hahahaha so we had our nicest sushi King ever in the history. I don't know why! Today's sushi is extraordinary delicious n yummy!!! Super satisfied. Yikxin and I were like, #sweetjesus. hahahaha

This week in office is fun bcuz there are only 3 of us upstairs, and 1 downstairs. SO FREEEE! But next week, oh stress!

Checked my results online! It was ok la. If only I put in slightly slightly more effort T_____T

I realize when I first entered uni, when I'm going to check my results, I will be like :

Then as time goes by, I was like :

hahhahaha true story!!Not exactly 100% like this but I sorta feel like this.

Yesterday when I wanna check my results I got financially barred! Cuz I didn't settle my remaining payment. So I had to wait until the next day to find out. Its like a bomb to me okay T_T but it was all good, as long as all pass!! =D

Gotta sleep and prepare for Thursday (the pasar malam and movie day =D) tomorrow. Goodnight people. Love ya'll. Take care. Hopefully no rain.
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