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Posted Friday, March 23, 2012 // 0 comments (+)
I would love to say SHUT UPPPPPPPPP to all the SNSD fans who are looking at them right now!!!!!

I feel like I'm so close to them but I kenot see them due to so many reasons T_____________________T

Haih haih haih..........

Anyways, I told my seniors about how bad other firms seniors treat their trainees and guess what, LOL he treated us pretty good lately!! Not super good but at least he improved on the way he used to treat us hahahaha. He speaks more softly, scold lesser, and willing to teach more ^___^

In my office, there's this lady, around the age of 35, short light colored edgy hair, heels, nice clothes and most importantly, she always smiles at me whenever I go near their place!!Plus she added me in facebook first T_T...I really love people who talk to me first. At least a smile of acknowledgement of my existence will do. I will have the tendency to look forward to talk to you and know you more. I'm shy at the first place (can't change) and I am not those super sociable person where I can ''chui sui'' with people just like that 24/7! That's not making friends to me, that's ''ying chao'' lol. If I do so I'll find myself a bit...... not myself lol.

Today is FRIDAYYYYY! But tomorrow waking up early to accompany Kristy do something. I hope I can have some afternoon naps!! It has been super longgggg since I last had one! .

And and, I really dislike people who treat you SUPER COLD when they have new friends around. I guess I did that before AND I never realized that because I was too excited to talk to other new friends until I ignored Kristy and until Kristy told me bout it =/ but I swear I've changed. I swear!! Because I dislike how people treated me this way too now. Especially when you have a lot of other new people hanging out with us, its okay if you keep talking to them but DON'T IGNORE YOUR OLD FRIENDS! Like totally ignoring you by facing her back to your face and talk to them OR don't even give you chance to speak to them OR just give a forced awkward smile at you when you're talking to her and then talk to them back. And when they have no one else new around them, they only start treating you like piece of GOLD.

I won't really be super mad at you. (I kinda gave up on that stage already LOL. I kinda start not to care so much, as long as I get used to it then its fine cuz I have nothing to lose.) But by doing so I will know you don't really worth my time for me to treat you as a good friend.

Alright gtg!! Enjoy your weekends people.. ^_^

Don't you find serenity in this picture? I doooo! Love it so much!! =)

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