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Posted Monday, March 05, 2012 // 0 comments (+)

I sleep before 12am everyday, wake up at 730 everyday! Perfect life my mom wants me to have. =_=''

Every single day I am struggling how can I get closer or more familiar to my work life. How can I stop worrying about this new environment and be really familiar with this place. But in the end the answer I got is....


At day 3 I am better than day 2. At day 2 I am better than day 1. I guess this is the way it works. Stop worry about worries before worries worry you okay steph. -_-''

And today my colleague told me something about night clubbing life with ONE NIGHT STAND WTH! I kenot stand it really #punny hahahahaha. He said it was normal but I think its NOT. Stop blurring the lines okay. I wonder if I was in his shoes, will I think its normal too also? I don't wanna know. Don't wanna get involve with that too. I don't think I am that kinda super innocent and conservative girl but this is something that crossed my line. After he told me stuffs like this, faith in boys : no more. lol.. But they are only minority, right right? Don't disappoint me guys! I believe you all will behave one right!

Thank God I'm having my intern with a friend, I won't feel asssss boring. If not..........

Anyone wanna take ACCA after graduate? Tell me so that we can take together! =D

Feels like sleeping already. Goodnight. What a healthy life! ^_^

P/s : I'm glad I have friends who are willing to listen when I have any problems. Thank you to you all sincerely.
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