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Posted Monday, March 19, 2012 // 0 comments (+)
Hoooola! Just got back from my work, today we almost worked until 8 pm!! -_- it was really crazy. But trust me time passes so fast that you don't even realize it was almost 8. My friend everyday works until 12am. Should be glad already Steph!

If I mastered everything in auditing field, I'll freaking look forward to work everyday. But right now I feel like I'm so stupid!!! Sometimes my colleagues just give me some documents and walked away and I'm like, '' huh what should I do?!'' or sometimes they will just tell me wad to do, in a few lines. I still don't know what I am suppose to do le T_____T Forgive me if I'm slow but I'm new! But time will past, I believe!

Some of my friends working in other firm, all I ever saw was : I DUWAN TO WORK!! or.. OH NO ITS MONDAY AGAIN!!1 or... MONDAY BLUE!!! or... TGIF!!!! T.T or... how can you expect me to know everything I'm just a trainee!1 

LOL. These reactions are very well expected! Got one more its even worse, she was called by her senior into the meeting room, and the senior said her performances were below satisfaction. And she ignored her and never assign her any more tasks again!!! Worst nightmare a new socialite could have.OMG praise the Lord I don't have these. People have temper. EVERY SINGLE PERSON has it. Furthermore we work in such stressful environment, you can't EXPECT them to be nice to you. If you found them, cherish them cuz they are rare. Its like 99.99% of people in work field will NOT be super nice to you. Some will be sarcastic, some are fierce (which is commonly dealt with) , some will just ignore you, some just see you as passerby but then you won't lose a chunk of meat so its no biggie. We can't judge them and label them as a bad person just by these right. Learn from their mistakes, and do not let their mistakes happen on you!

Anywaysssss, gonna blog with photos. Its been a while.

Decided to send Kristy back to Melaka and I can meet up with my friends!!

Ermmmmmmmm with Timmy. hahahahaha

The moment we reached Melaka is around 6 something and to wait for everyone, its around 730 =.=''

Went Wok & Pan! The main objective is to eat Nadeje but :( :( we were too late! Original finished! T____T

Mine! Cordon Bleu. Really niceeee! I love the potato too!

Some Dori Fish!! Their meat is so tender and its grilled and its a lil bit crunchy outside and super duper soft inside.

Their signature burger! Super big portion we always feel super tempted to order at first and regret in the end hahaha.

Beef burger! HUMONGOUS! Boys always get to finish their food anyways.

So right after that I suggested to go Nadeje! That's my main motive I've already made this point clear before hand :P but then they left a few pieces of cakes only.. =( So we don't know where to go and Kishok even suggested me take leave on Monday and we go have a drink instead. But I duwan! I dun feel its right to do so haha. Thats OBVIOUSLY not right to do so. But I really miss having drinks with the girls n boys late night!!

And Alvin suggested we go opposite Haagen Dasz instead! All of us can share their chocolate fondue so its a pretty good choice!!! =D

Hold up!Let me explain this picture. Kristy was laughing like this because Yixi spotted the camera SO FAST and she posed SO FAST! LOL! Notice she's the only one posing while others are clearly unprepared. I'm sorry I have to post this up cuz its too funny!

And be holddddd! Our lovely chocolate fondue. Nothing goes wrong with chocolates! Except choco top haha I think its tooooooo sweet. Other than Theobroma, this is the 2nd best chocolate fondue already.
I love bananas dip inside hot thick chocolate!!!!

This is how we all see it. T_________T So heavenly goooooood.

And had to rush back home because mom was urging me back! She felt super insecure of me driving on the highway late at night.

Gotta go, see yaaaaa!
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