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Posted Wednesday, March 28, 2012 // 0 comments (+)

Just got back from teaching a super duper cuteee lil boy!! He came from India. He has this super cute big eyes with super thick and long lashes, with cute mouth that looks sooooo adorable when he smiles! He's at the age of 6. I can only post his back photo because I am too shy to take photo with him during the tuition =.='' maybe next time ok? lol

While I'm assigning him homework! haha don't be fooled by this picture. He is NOT lazy at all. He seeks for homework everyday, and his parents even ask me to give him tons of homework to do during this whole week's school holiday. He stays in Seremban, but study in KL. So he travel back and forth everyday.May God bless your whole family's safety during the travelling!

So then her mother came in and say, do you want tea or coffee? I say no no no need, thanks so much! Then she said : NO NO NO, please, don't be shy. Tell me what you wanna eat? (please say this inside your head in very thick indian accent LOL) So I just said I want tea cuz I hate coffee. Then she brought in all these india cookies and sweets for me -_______-''

Something like muruku. It tastes pretty good actually.

Look what she got me. =_______='' thank you so so so much!! Your hospitality, I will never forget.

Btw, saw this cute lil truck while I was driving back home one day!

Its in full pink! With lots of cute cookies photo on it! So cute right!!

 Pardon me for my bad photo. I did not take them with my camera.LOL..

Listen to this! You'll fall in love. :)

I gotta go, see you guys next time =D Weekend is coming!! :))
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