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Posted Tuesday, February 07, 2012 // 0 comments (+)
When I'm having exam, my brain will sway away and think of anything else in this world.

For instance, WHAT TO DO AFTER EXAMS?! But that's not really practical. So I have to always come back to my study.

I can foresee its going to be a tough road in my future. Its going to be real tough. But hey, bitter comes before sweet, hence, its called bittersweet right?

I need motivation from people. I love to see people studying hard, I love to see people work hard, and I love to see people care about their studies a lot, I love to see people who love to read. I want to read! I should read! I only finished one storybook so far. -_- They inspire me and motivate me.

Say hi to my pink domo! That's my earphone's pouch.

Here's how to take care of your earphone.
1) DO NOT STRETCH IT OR PULL IT. Treat it gently and with care. Don't wind it too hard. Just scramble them a bit then you can keep it already.
That's all you need to make sure it lasts long. Don't make the same mistake like me, this is my 3rd pair already. :(

Kristy's new love!

Sometimes you talk to someone, you have to consider how they are feeling in their shoes. What they want to hear, what they hear will make them feel better, what they hear will make them change.

P/s : I get happy and satisfied with things pretty easily. Small lil things will make me relate to how lucky I am. I guess that's a good thing, right? Teehee. I always feel blessed. You, should too.
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