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Posted Sunday, February 05, 2012 // 0 comments (+)
So we were having a conversation just now and I think I must state this out because, we're clearer as outside person.

When you're in a relationship, you tend to change. You tend to stop doing this, stop doing that. You tend to.. just stick around with your partner on the phone or on the net and just forget about everything. You're in your most comfortable zone. Awwww how cute! So lovey dovey. But as time gone by, years by years, you will realize that all you ever did, is text on phone. talk on phone. message in facebook.

What happened to your hobbies! What happened to your passion!! What happen to your wanna-be?!


Its so sad to see your friends actually stop doing what they LOVE and start falling in to the comfy zone.My friend actually love to play basketball but don't know what reason he stopped after falling in love.

I am no where to judge this because I'm still single and I will not and kenot guarantee I won't change and maybe I'll just settle in my comfort zone in the future? But at least I'm writing this down to remind myself NOT TO DO THAT.

If you love something, do it! Don't just spend all the time with your partner cuz... What if you two broke up? You have no friends, no passion, no NOTHING. And do you know guy/girl with passion is super attractive? Yes yes yes!

What if one day I got a bf and I just lovey dovey with him all day and never sign in FB, never wanna paint my nails, never wanna DIY stuffs, never even worse, blog anymore!? Never wanna hang out with my friends pillow talk, never wanna go out yumcha with my friends to do some catch up and just settle in my comfort zone? OMG. Better don't Steph :(

Do what you love with your loved ones. You have your own dreams and passion to pursue. =)

P/s : Dad and my bro were still watching football in the living room at 1:31am and in my facebook all the boys were crazy over football! LOL how cute. :)

P/p/s : Oh God I wish I'm not that kinda person in the future seriously.LOL. Please don't be one, please.LOL
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