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Posted Sunday, February 26, 2012 // 0 comments (+)
So I just finished watching The King's Speech and I thought that was a really good movie! I love how those movies have awesome dialogues and awesome lines which are not just simple words and sentences but something like shakespear that kinda feeling.LOL! After watching The King's Speech I feel like... why our society changed from so intellectual to so... stupid. seriously! Is there any boy out there will still make a poem for a girl to express his love to her anymore? No! It might sound cheesy and stupid but... its an act of gentlemen. Plus at their generation they greet each other earnestly and sincerely, thanks each other for their favors even if they are just their children! So polite!! Hmm if I were given a chance I'd love to live in that generation and experience those.. very ladylike kind of lifestye, speaking mouthful of hard and deep english. That would be great. ^_^

Now I shall blog about my very first stop - Muar!

Sufen came to bus station and fetched us (Yiing Hui, JS, Cindy) to their famous muar rojak.

Top left, rojak. Its really nice!!!
Top right, wu xiang. Some fried thingy. It was not bad too!
Bottom, need I say more haha

So we went to Tanjung, a place like Seremban's city park where people go play kites and cycles and do all sorts of outdoor activities with their family there.

Please pardon my look because I am not well prepared for photographs that day. Hehe.

And the Tanjung looks something like this! A big green field with lots of kids and adults playing kites. I have, to date never played any kites before OMG!

And then at night, we went for dinner! Yiing Hui said must try their famous asam fish. I prefer their curry fish though.

Top, asam fish. Bottom, vege. need I say more again ah

Top left, fried sotong. There's a reason why I always order fried sotong whenever I'm out to have some seafood. Once my cousin brought my family to a Kuala Selangor's Lakeside view Restaurant and have some seafood. Their fried sotong amazed us so much that we thought that's the best we've ever tasted. And so whenever we went out we will, most of the time order fried sotong to see if they are anywhere up to that standard or not. Hehe

Top right, thai chicken. Its nice!

Bottom, OTAK OTAK! I used to hate otak otak when I was young. But now, I LOVE IT. Especially Muar's otak otak. Love love loveeeeee. ^_^

To express my love. haha no lah cindy asked me to pose so I pose! Told you I was not prepared for photographs already right? T.T

Sufen and her bf. How they both met? It was a really really funny story.LOL! But it was so sweet too. Once  we asked our friend Alvin if there is any guy to introduce to us or not and he immediately mentioned this guy. So we checked up his fb, and sufen added him. Then my friend told the guy there's this girl added him in facebook and ask him to try talk to this girl. And then they both just clicked! And they coupled up. How amazing, right? =D

Cindy, our photographer, photo editor, designer, a very nice and no temper girl. Oh and also she has this black long curly thick hair which many guys love. And she is still availableeee! What are you guys waiting for. She has a pet shop too okay. She loves doggie too!

Yiing Hui, a very sweet and cute girl! She is very petite in size and she has super cute voices. Like you can't get mad at her because her voice is so cute! Don't think she is so small sure very childish one but she is quite a matured girl. She knows how to recognize road (hahahahaha).

Cindy's bb! This used to be my reason to consider bb - their cute theme. WTH I sound so bimbo right! But its really cute.... T.T

Isn't this cute?! You can change the casing one. But no I'm still an iphone fan!

After our dinner we went to Yiing Hui's house to overnight!!

Cute lil Jayden sleeping. Hehe so cute!

Angugu~ hahahahaha wth

And meanwhile, these two dogs were fighting and wrestling. =______=

After bath, chilled and watch Stephen Chow's movie. His old movies were sooooo funny!

Camwhored on the bed after we all bath and before we're ready to sleep. This is what we girls always do in our room.

And we called it a night! Will update about 1st day in Johor tomorrow if I have the time.

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