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Posted Tuesday, February 14, 2012 // 0 comments (+)

Our 37th's Valentines Day.


Do you guys received any roses or flowers or chocolates today? I hope you all did.

I wish I do too! Who on earth doesn't like flowers. Its like, a gift that can NEVER go wrong! Even if the girl says ''aiya why spend money buy me flowers!!!'' deep down inside you know she's happy.


I mean, even if she complains this and that, but you know you made someone happy. At least she will be smiling all the way staring at the flowers, waking up smiling again staring at the flowers. Before sleep smiling again staring at the flowers.LOL! That's how easy to make someone happy because NOBODY in this world doesn't like things that require efforts!! :)

I've got to admit that its kinda cruel to us singles because everyone else gets flowers and dinner and chocolates and gifts and all you can do is just see their happy face and you just get a lil bit jealous inside your heart because you wish you have that too!

Housemate was pretty emo because she said ''Shit la Steph, people celebrating receiving flowers i'm here facing notes!!!!'' LOL!!!!!!! All of these years she also got flowers and.. the usuals from her bf and this year she's facing notes. HAHAHAHA. Anyways its your pleasure to spend Valentine's with us okay! =P

Sometimes I feel, why get a bf so fast when you can have all the freedom you want? Live your life happily alone without worrying about the others, go here and there without missing anything, completely carefree. But who doesn't love to love and be loved, right. Hmm.I don't know, I really don't think if there is anyone out there that can be so compatible with me and its like we're ever meant to be. -.-''

Gotta go, Happie Valentines Day people!

P/s : Next time, I will buy lotssssssss of roses to all the other single ladies (or some ladies that I think worth receiving roses) just to put a beautiful smile on their face. =)

Oh oh Google had the CUTEST Valentine's wish ever. Do check it out. I love how creative Google is. Really wish to work there sometime! *dream.
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