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Posted Wednesday, February 29, 2012 // 0 comments (+)
Suddenly thought of going KL with my sister. At first I really really wanted to go theobroma for their awesome chocolate fondue but too bad it was only available in 1U and Pavilion. We didn't wanna drive there just the 2 of us nor we wanna take public transport to there either, too much hassle and time consuming. So we  went MV instead! Plusss, I need to go The Gardens to buy something for my craft thingy! Sooo excited to pay a visit there, can't wait! And also I need to buy formal wear for my internship starting on Thursday (which is tomorrow T_____T)

So we took KTM there and you will see bunch of people asking you to sign your name and donate something for don't know, a project or something? THEY CHEAT PEOPLE ONE! I kena cheated before. RM20+ or 30+ I'm not sure. T___T We were so gullible. So stupid. So whenever we walked pass through them this time I just totally ignore them.

First, Paddington House of Pancake for their dollar pancakes and mini chocolate fondue!

Kristy and I. :D

Our usuals! Dollar pancake with a scoop of vanila ice cream topped with strawberry jam, strawberries and bananas. We asked the guy to change marshmallow to banana for us because bananas are SO GOOD with chocolate! They're BFF in food category.

Mmmmm~~ Not bad but I still prefer Theobroma chocolate lounge! They have the most amazing chocolate fondue ever.... We had this for lunch instead of something heavy because there are so many food we wanna eat! Plus we wanna save money also so... RM15.2.

Then, we went to Snowflake!

Kristy's highly recommended soya ice series with taroballs, pearls, and red bean. I still prefer their classic hot seller! That one is so awesome. This is RM8.40 because we add on Taroballs.

Next we went to Pet's World to buy Timmy's stuff! Bought a sugar glider treats and we're so happy. Hehe and also we eyed on Timmy's running wheel because his old one spoilt. And saw so many sugar gliders there too! Sugar gliders are the cutest animal in the world!!

 And I got some cheap deals of formal skirts in C.O. ^_^

After few hours of shopping, I suddenly crave for BKT. I just craved like that. LOL! And so, we went to a BKT shop in MV, its the same row as Chilis and Delicious. There was 0 people inside there dining! All the workers were like chit chatting and not serving people because it was really empty. We thought it was really bad but I am really craving for it so we decided to order a small portion and try.

To our biggest surprises, it tastes SUPERB! The best BKT I've ever tasted. Ever,ever tasted. Seriously....

This is how you guys see it.

This is how WE see it. RM 12.

Yao char guai.This is how you guys see it.

This is how we see it.  It was REALLY GOOD!! It was hard and it was sooooo krispy and crunchy!!RM4.

Served with a bowl of rice. RM2

What I love the most is, they gave us extra bowl of BKT soup. The moment you drank it you will feel like you're in heaven. T_______________T I super love yau char guai dip inside the soup! Its the best part of the whole BKT hahahah.

Anyway I highly highly recommend you guys to go give it a try. Its called Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh @ Midvalley. Total price was RM21 for Kristy and I. ^____^ Went back with a super satisfied stomach!
I will definitely visit there again.

At night, went to celebrate Julian's birthday!

Black Forest cake for him. This cake was really yummy cuz its not too sweet which will make you feel like you want to eat more.

Haha like its her birthday! We were playing monopoly deal cards. I'm sooooooo gonna teach all my friends play so that we can play 24/7. Seriously. I love love love that game.

 Gotta love my red nails!

Met up with Yixi in S'ban just now and chat for a while!!haha..So gonna miss them who are working in Melaka or studying in Melaka.. I miss you all!! Plz don't forget me and must miss me too!!=D

Gotta go, tomorrow internship start. 12am sleep - 730 wake up for the rest of my 6 months. Byebye night owl Steph.

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