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Posted Friday, February 24, 2012 // 0 comments (+)
So many temptations around me, bad words everywhere, all over the internet, friends saying them, and sooner or later I unconsciously feel like cursing when I'm in bad mood or in deep shit. And I'm like, no steph, I kenot do this. I hold back myself and try not to sway away. I don't mind my friends for saying them but I can't allow myself to speak these! To others, girls who curse are just rude... I guess?

And then some friends of mine are actually.. anti Christ. I'm like... oh god, why. I won't force my friends to love God, but I can assure you its that kinda feeling that you feel when you're having faith that makes you wanna love Him.

And then to be honest, I haven't been to church for many times already. Almost like, one month? Exams 2 weeks, vacation 1 week. And I'm going to be a part time teacher,helping my friend's tuition center for 1 month and again, I can't attend church for the next 1 month.

Every single night before I sleep, I prayed shorter and shorter.

Just when I feel like I almost got swayed away from God, I heard church songs and I'm like... :') all over again. I'm definitely gonna visit church this week!!!!!!

I'm editing photos like mad. Gonna compile all the photos from different cameras, gonna combine photos together for easier view :P and also gonna edit some lightings! They're horrible.

Gonna post up photos in FB first, and then I'll blog them. =D Go FB to see my Muar and JB trip yo! Hehe =D

Oh btw! Shopped at Popular today with the vouchers! I enjoy spending all of the vouchers!! Thanks Kristy for sharing hers with mine. She's so kind T___T Bought LOTS of stuffs!! Including a book - Sherlock Holmes and I'm so excited to read it! And also my favourite monopoly deal card! I'm such a happy derpina.

Oh btw, going movie tomorrow! Safe House! Whenever I enter cinema I'll be like

when i look at all the upcoming movies. Cuz I loveeeee movies like that! Hehe. =D
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