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Posted Thursday, February 23, 2012 // 0 comments (+)
Hello people! I'm back from my short short vacation. ^_^

The vacations were AWESOME. Of course I had them with my most awesome friends of all. =D Thank you so much for making these trips a meaningful one.

1st - Went Muar with my housemates and  friends on Friday to stayover at my friend's house! IT was a short road trip.

2nd - Went Mixxxxxx with the boys!

3rd - Went Muar again with my other besties.

4th - Went JB to visit other friends!

Woohoo Loved it. Surprisingly these trips don't cost me a lot. I only spent RM45 on shopping in Johor Premium Outlet! But that's because most of my friends in Muar and Jb belanja also T_______T thank you so much. I will definitely pay when you guys come Seremban! (if im not broke) =D

Will update more with photossss. Long posts coming up I guess! Editing now!

P/s : IVE LOST MY MAKE UP BAG!! Hopefully can find it back someday T.T
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