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Posted Monday, January 23, 2012 // 0 comments (+)

What I did on Day 1 : It was pretty boring in the morning. As usual, woke up around 1pm :P then bathed, changed into new year clothes (to let the cny mood kicks in!!!) and then had lunch with the family.

We didn't go anywhere on day 1 because... mom was tired wth hahaha anyway, two of my friends came to our house and visited us. HE brought a freaking poodle here!!! So cute!! But still, I love pomeranian more.

Super cute right!!

At night, we went to our cousin's house for gathering!! The lil cutie pie from SG came back!

There they are. I can seldom get close with my cousin's lover but this is exception. I don't know why I can talk to her husband like so long. We had a lot to talk to cuz he's cute!! and funny!! And gentlemen hahahahaha. He is like blur blur like that. xD

I love all my cousins. They are always so fun and so happy together. Always tease each other out loud, sometimes even open scolding but in the end we know we're just having fun and we just don't mind! :))

I guess this is where my fierceness came from. My cousins side, females are all pretty fierce! They talked quite loud and they kinda love to scold. But then, they don't hide, hence, no awkwardness at all.

My cousin bought 3 huge boxes of fireworks. 3.HUGE.BOXES. And finished playing them all.

How much he has spent on that!! OMG!! But the fireworks are so amazing. :') I always love fireworks. It makes me feel like dreams come through. How can fireworks being invented? Chemicals just fly to the sky and form lots of beautiful colors and patterns. They kinda make me feel like this year we're gonna have GOOD LUCK! YEAH!!

And this is the end of day 1. SO fast isn't it!!!

:) :)
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