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Posted Saturday, January 14, 2012 // 0 comments (+)
Something which I thought about lately : What if you never get mad at any circumstances?

For instances, when people just show the ''you're annoying'' face or the ''why are you asking such stupid question'' face and you FEEL it but you just don't care about it because they might have their own reasons that they are angry at that moment or, you don't wanna be mad because you know he doesn't mean it for long?

That is the highest level of EQ I guess. And I salute people who achieves that. I mean, long term wise, you can be someone so forgiveable and understanding that you will never get mad at people who make you mad because you think they don't really hate you/they don't really are mad at you, they just got their bad times and they will eventually cool down and you don't have to get mad at them at all.

I know it sounds complicated but think about it!

For example, I was scolded by my dad today which made me feel sad/angry on why he scolded me like that but think about it, he might have his own reason and deep down in my heart, i KNOW we should always forgive and don't mind so much because he doesn't even HATE me, he scold me because he loves me. But sometimes its hard for me to just smile and forgive instead -_-'' aih I also don't know, need a lot of practice I guess. I need to go to a stage where I can no longer get mad at anyone just like few years ago =( I was alot tamer that time. LOL!

Ok, pictures time!

Anyone misses my pink teddy? I DO I DO I DO! :P She's still sooooo lovely. My sister and I talked about pets today cuz we suddenly think back about Rooney (my hamster) that died in a pretty sad way :'( then I said, the best is don't rear anything! Put all your hopes and loves and cares in teddy bear. They're non living item, no strings attached at all and can bring her anywhere! Right!!

In changing room wearing a christmas-like shirt. haha

Went Capitol for their satay celup with my long gone bestie! We were friends since primary. She just got back from Australia and we met up in Malacca! I don't know why everyone loves satay celup. To me I don't really fancy it. But still its a must try when you come Malacca.

Our portion! Can't finish it I guess. I just love the Yao Char Guai and sausages only. Others are not really nice.

Next, yumcha!

Quick photo on the car to Beer Garden! The car was moving fast so when we get to snap photos we're counted as pro already okay.

Ordered some tidbits! This was not nice. lol

This was okay. hahaha
I love to yumcha at there because of their super romantic environment and its by the beach! And also they serve my favourite sour sop there.

Next, Casa Del Rio!

 LOVE this christmas ring. I love rings like this, more than christmas trees.

Loves this awesome river view. Once I said, oh look at the sea, how beautiful! My friends were laughing at me like mad because its obviously a river! But who cares okay! You get the idea can already :P

On my way to achieving the ''perfect'' manicures. Still need alot of training though. But thats my lil passion haha.

 Bought this 3D card for my bro's gf. We all loved it because they have cute lil santas dangling on top!

I love Xmas but my xmas celebration was nothing like an xmas celebration -_-
Its pretty irrelevant celebration and its... I just don't feel it!! And my xmas was gone just like that...


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