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Posted Wednesday, January 18, 2012 // 0 comments (+)
Its 2:22am right now.

Hmm lets talk about smelling great!

Smelling great isn't a necessity but smelling bad is a big NO NO. Unless you just got back from gym/sports you have no excuses to smell bad at all. >.<

I love guys who put perfume. BIG LOVE. Because to me perfume thing is only in girls but when guys put it, I feel so.. Feel so happy and rejoice.LOL! Especially when we whisper and I smell his perfume. Hmm that's sexy. Its funny how sometimes smell can remind you of someone. :))


yesssssss its a men's scent.

I love perfume's cute packaging and their elegant look. Sometimes I find myself prefer men's perfume more than women's perfume. LOL! Most of the women's perfume are either too sweet for my liking or I'll get bored with the smell too fast. Sometimes I love men's perfume so much I even wanted to buy vials for myself -_- (WTH) ok ok maybe give them to my brothers ok! Hmm I'm willing to spend perfumes on my brothers (if I have extra to spend) I don't know why. Im just generous like that! :P

I think I'll spend so much on my future bf's gifts!BUY ALL THE PERFUMES!!
I don't know why but I just got super attracted to boys who put perfumes. When they just enter the car and they smell good, I know we're going to have a great night. LOL!

Going KL tomorrow with the bro n sis. Ain't hoping much for any loots just in case I got disappointed right? :P

Hopefully we had a safe trip tomorrow. And to you, I don't know much about what's going on with you lately but.. I sincerely hope you will feel good and alright. God bless you. =)

P/s : I hate how soft hearted I can be sometimes. Hate someone so much so deep that you swear you will never talk to him ever again and ignore all of his pms but my hate subsides the next day and here I am, back to chatting back with him again. I just can't get angry on someone who is thick-faced. No matter how annoying he was to me but the next time he talk to me again, I'll forgive him all over. -_-'' NO MORE LIKE THIS.

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