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Posted Sunday, January 08, 2012 // 0 comments (+)
Hmm feels like updating blog all of a sudden, so here I am!

Just got back from my Seremban sanctuary which I super love and I have no regrets of going back home at all despite all the hassle such as taking bus and heavy luggage and 1 and half hour of travel, nothing can stop me from going back there because.. Weekends in Melaka really too sien hahaha.

Told mom and dad how awesome MI4 is once I got back to my home and the next day, mom told me : ''Hey, lets go watch MI4 and have dinner outside.'' What more can I ask for? ^_^ :D :D :D

Dinner and movies with the parents are always the nicest!! Although we're not crazy like talk non stop or laugh non stop, just a very peaceful outing with the parents but I always love it. It gives me another type of feeling. :) :) Went Old Town for dinner (lol) but I secretly wish we could go Kensington actually because I'm such a western food SUPER FAN!! I find Kensington nicer than Pizza Italia and chambers though. Prices are cheapest somemore. but my parents dislike western food that's why they chose Old Town, nearest to MBO. I guess I have to find a future bf who loves western food just like me.LOL. Or at least he must always go and try out new food one. :P

I watched MI4 for the second time and it is still so awesome!! Love the car!!! OMG!!! Now I totally understand why guys love cars. They are so sexyyyyyy!! And so...elegant and so..COOOL!! Parents enjoyed the movie as well. ^_^

This morning went to church and and the cute guy I like in the church just sits next to me!!! (OMG!!!) Don't worry he doesn't know the existence of my blog so I can blog about him whenever I want. :P

Dinner with the sister @ Mori. We chat with each other for hourssss and I felt super guilty because I have mid term on Tuesday so we have to stop chilling and come back. If not we could have chilled until at nite LOL. I remember once my friend asked us : Why you all always see each other but have so much to talk about?! What you all talk about?!

Well,I seriously don't know...... we just have lots to talk.. Ain't girls like that? Moreover we're sisters... :P

I realize I love talkative people. I love people who talk talk talk talk non stop (but must know when to stop because it might get annoying sometimes) but please don't feel awkward when they're some silent moments because I enjoy silence sometimes as well. Best friends together are the ones who don't feel any awkwardness even when they have nothing to talk about for hours. So no worries. :)

Its not like I don't like quiet people. Nobody is quiet until they get super close with each other okay. Hehe.

Gotta go for studies. Stupid mid term. And after this week, say byebye to Malacca cuz I ain't coming back anymore until Feb! ^_^
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