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Posted Monday, January 30, 2012 // 0 comments (+)
Hello all! Sorry for being MIA, was really busy. And currently I cant stop looking at Brownie inside his transparent cage. HE's super innocent and cuteeeeee!! So white so fluffy but too bad he's too small to hold.

Promised myself going to blog today and here I am! Blogging about CNY. Hows your CNY going so far? I hope its good. Hehe. Mine was awesome because ... I didn't expect much from CNY this year. That's why anything that happened, I felt really happy about it. I was even deeply annoyed by CNY songs. I was busy. Literally everyday! I love it.

Lets blog about pre-CNY. Went Sunway with sister and brother for last minute shopping.

Ready to go out!

Kristy is photobombing my camwhore photo with her sleeping face. I HAVE to edit her photo (even though she doesn't look ugly) but she think she does so, ok! I'm such a good sis right!! Always.

So we were shopping and shopping and shopping. At first I thought we couldn't make it till night. I've lost some passion in shopping already. But it depends though. But I wasn't really on mood to BUY ALL THE THINGS that day. But in the end, we still shopped from 1 something until 9 something. -_-

Dinner at Bar.B.Q.Plaza.

Look at all the fresh red meat! T____T

Look at all the fish and salmon! They taste super awesome.

Its normal if the first time you eat BarBQ, your food don't taste that nice because you're still new and maybe you don't know how to fry it. But the 2nd time and 3rd time you're good to go.

Mmmmm.. was SOO good. All the meats they served were the delicious part of the animal therefore its pretty expensive compare to the normal buffet.

My bro.

Kristy and I.

And that marked our shopping day.

CNY Day 1 - All cousins gather at my cousin sister's house! If you have read the posts below, you will know my cousins from Sg came back.


They opened this whiskey. They said it was old but I'm not sure how old is it anyway. It tastes so strong! 

This is the super awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee pineapple tart. Super awesome until we all can finish it within few hours. Of course we can. LOL. It was really, the best pineapple tart I've ever tasted. My cousin brought it back from Sg. How I hope its from Msia!

Mmmmm. T______T

And then my cousins put fireworks! They put 4 huge boxes in total I wonder how much money they have burnt. But fireworks are awesome. They're like dreams come through. Staring at the sky with awesome and grand fireworks, its priceless.y.

Then the next day, we all went to s2 area for some visitings.

All set!!

Went to Pn. Erin's house. Her house is so GORGEOUS T.T. Its like a fantasy dream house for us girls. Especially this cute and lovely floral print sofa!

I know, it looks better when I'm on it. HAHAHA joking.

The rain drops chandelier. How can you not love it!

Camwhore with my girl friends! 

This is her edgy sofa. Only guys will sit on it.

Except this one HAHA. Siong zu, a guy that is quite close to me cuz we always chat on everything. He's a nice guy. :)

Another chandelier! Not sure if you can see it clear but its really pretty. :)

One last picture with the floral T_____T I love it so much can I carry back home ah

And Pn Erin is so well known for her hospitality. My friend purposely texted her saying PLEASE DON'T PREPARE PIZZA ANYMORE (cuz we all planned to have pizza for dinner that day) and she said okay okay. But in the end these are what she prepared. LOL! But thank you so much because we skipped our lunch and we only had chocolate fondue (which I prepared for them during their first stop visiting at our house) for breakfast. They taste really good and I really love patistry!!

Picture with her daughter! She's so cuteeeeee! Her name is Sherlyn if I'm not mistaken. She looks so fierce but when I teased her a bit she is like wanna smile but refuse to smile like that. Ahh so cute!! How I wish I can just carry her back also. She didn't wanna have pictures with us. Her brother ''deliver'' her to us by carrying her all the way to our lap. I guess she's just shy.

Then we jammed at Pn Erin's house. Timothy ( a pretty good looking guy) played the guitar and we all sing! Oh gosh so awesome how I wish I can have real jamming session T_T.

Last stop : Kim Soon's house. He ordered RM150 worth of pizza for all of us. It was crazy. Thank you for your hospitality! We enjoyed our food so much :) :)

Then, we played Monopoly Deal.

Yes it looks like a small kid game (that's what I thought at first too I was like....

but after few rounds or so, I'm like

ADDICTED. So addicted that I'm so going to buy one set and play. Its really fun! Prolly funniest innocent game ever. Others can all play mahjong and poker cards I don't care but please just let me play this.

Then around 11 o'clock, we played some drinking game! Its called Evan's drinking game and you can find this via 9gag I think? I'm not sure Kim Soon printed this out. Basically you have to drink every steps. You just can't escape from it.

We played until 1 o'clock or so. And then we played......... MAFIA..... LOL! It was really fun minus the fact that I was being killed for 4-5 consecutive times for no reasons AND I was being pointed out as a killer from the very first time I was a mafia. -____-'' T_T

We played until.... 5 am.... Really crazy right. That's what make my CNY so special.

So I got bored of my previous nail design and it was chipping anyway so I put a new ''half moon'' design which I love!

That's pretty much of it.xx

Oh oh before I forgot!

I DISLIKE people who neglect their friends after they've got a lover. That sucks because you will have NO IDEA how important friends can be when you need them one day. If you ditch your friends for your girlfriends/boyfriends, that's the stupidest act ever. And I hate them for doing that! >:(

Friends are friends. They deserve... pretty high priority in your life. Losing friends for lovers are so not cool. No no.

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