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Posted Sunday, January 22, 2012 // 0 comments (+)
To all of my readers!!!

Lets talk about today! lately haha

Went yumcha with my friends. We always had 2 rounds of yumcha maybe next time we will upgrade and make it 3 rounds -_-'' but anyways, what I wanna say is I love yumcha with them!Gonna go to their house for CNY yay yay yay!

But I saw something that made me feel really emo before I sleep yesterday le sigh. But it was all good. ALL GOOD right now. :)) I'm feeling so much better already. In fact when I woke up I no longer feel emo. Therefore the best medicine will be : sleep. ^_^

But actually the cause is that I felt cheated, that's it. Nothing big. But #LEOS hate being cheated! So yeah. But anyways it was all good, all solved.

This morning, woke up damn early for church but daddy says no church so fine~ Then mom asked me to deliver some CNY stuffs for my beloved aunty.

There she is. A beautiful and kind woman with a cutie pie.

I went there and hung out for 2-3 hours, together with this 2 cuties!!

I made them lunch!! *proud :P ok la just maggi but it tastes really good ok!

Lots of memories started flashing back. I used to stay over almost like every night in my aunt's house. When I was lying on her bed, that smell is so familiar and so comfy! I really love her so much!!

Did my nails. Eff those overpriced nail manicurist. They charged sky high price with a shitty manicures! Better do ownself. No costs incurred :P

Just had the most awesomeeeee dinner ever!Thanks mummy for her effort. We had like 8 dishes and 1 soup! Oh gosh! IT was indeed satisfying hahhaha. Alright gotta go. Enjoy ur CNY everybody! And to those who are in overseas, do not feel left out because we would love you all to be with us here in Msia too, trust us. :)
Next yr or next next year you will come back! Huhu. Take good care of urself!
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