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Posted Tuesday, January 03, 2012 // 0 comments (+)
Today I argued with a friend. So loud so fierce that I told him : Don't make me regret for talking to you again. He's the one who started the war but I know we are both at fault. Sometimes I just couldn't understand why someone has such thoughts. The whole plan doesn't revolve around you! Sometimes you just HAVE to tolerate with others!

You can say i dont understand you, which i really dont. but sometimes you just have to build bridges instead of walls to let people in your life and understand you more, right? so that misunderstandings will decrease! And stop blaming others for not understanding you!

One thing I love about this friendship is that, we argued so loud so much but in the end of the day, we're good. Will this ever last? I wonder. But I hope we do get better and improve ourselves from this friendship. Pieces, hard to understand, really. Gotta stop being so vague alright!

Today, I experienced real kindness. Real as in my friends being so kind to me they help me they stand by me without saying a word. Without even regretting. Without thinking what benefit they can get out of this. They just don't want to see their friend sad/ in deep shit. :'))

I really thank Lord so much for all the beautiful person I have met in life. Beautiful as in they are KIND They are so kind that I think I did alot of good good stuffs in my past life to deserve to have them in my life. Words can't explain how GLAD and how GRATEFUL to have friends like you guys. T____T

You guys are there when I was in deep shit. You guys never thought of running for your own life. You guys stayed with me in the shithole and together, clean ourselves up. T________T I am so grateful to have you all!!!!

For instances :
1 of my friend offered to remind me of an appointment because I said I was afraid I will miss it. T__T
1 of my friend offered to belanja because she doesn't wanna see us sad. T_T
1 of my friend offered to share my problems! T_T
1 of my friend offered to come and help me with my problem! T_T
1 of my friend followed that friend above to help me with my problem! T_T
1 anonymous (a friend of the 2 above) offered to help! T_T

I am so grateful to have you all in my life!!

I LOVE YOU ALL! I HAVE NEVER MET SUCH NICE PERSON IN MY LIFE EVER! You guys literally lit up my life and make my university life colorful. :'')

I will appreciate each and everyone of you and try to love you as much as you all loved me.
I really love and glad that I have you all in my life.
Friends through thick and thin! ^_^
How can I survive without friends!! Friends are the new oxygen!
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