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Posted Sunday, January 15, 2012 // 0 comments (+)
I'm just trying to make an excuse to sleep later. Its 12:44am right now and I always sleep so much earlier in hometown. Good news, steph!

Woke up early in the morning to go church today.

Errr.. yes... hahahhahah!

And I was dozing off in the church -_-''

Few months ago, I thought... Why go church? It sounds so mandatory to me without any reasons. I felt so reluctant to get up every morning, but right now I feel good deep down inside my heart to go church. Every single time! =] so its good to actually wake up early and give some time to God.

Okay no more cheesy lines. Then went out to dye my hair! Took around 2 hours for that and it turned out pretty okay.

At nite, play Tetris battle and watch drama!! I'm SO IN LOVE RIGHT NOW!!!!!


1) Badass look : Checked.
2) Mischievious smile : Checked
3) 6 packs : Checked
4) Thick eyebrows : Checked
5) Double eyelid : Checked.
6) Tanned skin : Checked!!

PERFECTO!!!!!!! :P

I'm just so in love!

Gotta go, good night lovelies ^_^ its 12:49 right now! (to show you all how fast i blog.HAHA.)
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