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Posted Monday, January 02, 2012 // 0 comments (+)
This is TOTALLY irrelevant to my daily diary blog post but I have to blog about this just so I can win.

This is my first time joining a giveaway for fun! Haha

Straight to the point, Chloe.Ash is organizing a new giveaway, with the new Urban Decay's NAKED2 Palette as the grand prize.

All you need to do is :

1.  Register and join via her Google Friend Connect a.k.a GFC ( Provide your name )
2. Tell Chloe something interesting about yourself and how you stumbled upon her blog.

You can also increase your chance of winning by simply :

1. Like her Facebook page ( Provide your Facebook name )--->1 extra entry
2. For all you tweeters, you can tweet about this giveaway. But remember to tag her @ChloeAsh so that she will know you re-tweeted ( Provide Twitter username)--->1 extra entry
3. Re-blog about this giveaway ( Provide the link )--->2 extra entry

and once you've done all you need to do, complete your entry but submitting your own :

GFC name:
Facebook name (if applicable):
Twitter name (if applicable):
Blog link (if applicable): 

Submit the above in HER COMMENT section before the 22nd January 2012..

For more information please visit her BLOG....

That's it!
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