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Posted Monday, December 05, 2011 // 0 comments (+)
When it comes to certain thing, I will say out loud that '' I WILL NEVER EVER DO THIS!!!''

But sometimes I just did. =/ whats the point of me saying that anyway?!

Sometimes I said, OK, I MUST DO THAT. but in the end i failed to do so. And what's the point of me saying that anyway...... :(

Sometimes we just don't do what we meant, then what's the point of saying? This is some serious matter that I really have to think about it. Le sigh

Watched We Got Married today. I knew the existence of this show but never really wanna watch it. But it was quite nice! It was some korea entertainment show starring all the leng zai leng lui. Gosh he looks DAMN FREAKIN GOOD!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE!! :P It has been super long since I last saw a guy that can make me blush *shy shy* HAHAHAH.

Like really, where are all the hot guys nowadays!!?!?!!!!

Just got back from Divers Club Members Gathering yesterday. It was kinda fun but last year was better! :D and our face got that super natural red blush. LOL. Sunburnt wasn't that serious thank God.

Alright gotta go! Heartshearts.

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