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Posted Friday, December 23, 2011 // 0 comments (+)
I love this song to the max. Its... So romantic that whenever I hear this song I'll feel like this world is full of hope again. Love someone for a thousand years. It sounds impossible but there are people out there who still hold their hands tight waiting for their last breath to come. :')) Faith never fades!! It GMH!!!

Went to Alvin's house for BBQ yesterday with a bunch of people. It was aweeeeesome. Thanks to them I always get to experience some real crazy stuff -_-'' 

Pictures time!!!!

Ayam Tandoori. How can you NOT miss Malaysia's food!!!

Awesome cheese naan! Thanks to my nanny ah Ken for bringing us here last time and only we got to taste such awesome cheese naan. Trust me its pretty famous here! Nobody doesnt know this shop's cheese naan!

Then we went Klebang and waited for meteor rain randomly -_-

And I saw ONE!!!! ^_^ but my friends saw like 6 so mine is nothing compared to them but still, RARE IS PRECIOUS! Right! :P

Housemate steamboat!! Check out the meat!! Super awesome T_T

Cheese hot dogs!!! MUST have. Meatballs!! Also must have. Kampung chili sauce!! Also must must have :P. Our soup is tomyam. We just bought cubes of tomyam and then just throw around like 6-7 cubes inside and let it boil. Awesomeness.

I know it looks disgusting but trust me its the best potato egg salad ever!!! I made it myself!! Thanks to my friend's recipe. Credit all goes to her.

Xmas BBQ party at Alvin and Kishok's house. I thought it was canceled so I wasn't bringing much hope in it until one day, Alvin suddenly asked me whether I'm free this week. And I thought he wanted to ajak me go clubbing and I wanted to reject him but turned out he ajak me to go BBQ which we had already planned earlier on!! YAY. Qwen and Yixi tagged along last minute.LOL cuz they wanted to BBQ so much -_-

Alvin! He looks so skinny right -_- is SUPER skinny.

The food!!! Meatballs are MUST!


He marinated everything. Not bad!

Housemates decided to tag along really last minute. They suddenly crave for barbeque chicken! So here they were!


Cheese cocktail hotdogs! They are a MUST too. No cheese, no hotdog.

Last minute purchase - Corns! I still remember the very first time I ate BBQ corn was when I was in Cameron. And its really awesome.

Guys will always be doing the fire and setting up stuffs...ahh so nice rite? ^_^

Last minute marinate one! Looks not bad.

Yummy T_T

With our lovely lamb shoulder. It was freaking expensive! I don't really like lamb actually haha. I prefer pork, chicken and BEEF!! The burnt part was really nice because without that, the surface won't be as crunchy! *self defense LOL

This. Is. Heaven. Whenever I ate this Alvin will say : Eh look at steph,she looks like she's in heaven =.=

This is just a newbie dish but its reallyyyyy freakin awesome!!!!

Cindy. This girl is really sweet! She doesn't have any temper and she's a great friend to go shopping or go do some girlish stuff. Its kinda hard to find someone who are passion to go shopping and do manicures etc nowadays. =(

The 4 flowers LOL jk.

Right after this, we played some drinking game, truth or dare and also guess the word. Guess what time we came back? Yes 6 am T______T Sorry mama.

But they kept saying ''how often you can play like this when you are out there working?''


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