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Posted Monday, December 19, 2011 // 0 comments (+)
Last exam tomorrow! Faster over please T.T

Busy week starting today.

Tuesday, date with Sufen n Yiing Hui.

Wednesday, date with Alvin, Kishok, Kristy, Sufen, Cindy

Thursday, going back hometown.

Friday, shopping with bro n sis.

Saturday, family trip.


I'm soooooo loving christmas!!! I love it when I go to church everyone is singing christmas songs it just cheered me up a lot!!! ^_^

But then lots of assignments are waiting for me so :( :(

Drove back to Malacca like FINALLY. OMG! But I don't feel excited anymore haha cuz I never take bus very long time already. And driving back to Melaka or back to Seremban is SO NOT FUN! >:( because you have to pay extremely high concentration when you are driving which is extremely tiring. And also to stop yourself from thinking or picturing any gruesome accidents that might happen is also very torturing -_-''

Today news headline : 4 girls DEAD,2 boys injured because the driver drove in highway after just 2 months of getting his license. Innocent people DIED. FOREVER GONE. OMG!! My mom told me that and I'm so thankful she still let me drive back Malacca. She didn't even ask me to text her when I reached. LOL! She trusted me that much? Is that a good news or what? :D but really, I don't wanna fail her trust and I will drive carefully. The price that I have to pay is extremely high concentration on highway. Kenot play play ady this is something that deals with LIFE. =x

Recently Ive been really addicted to Tetris battle. They said one of the major benefit of playing Tetris battle is that you can FORGET ALL THE SAD MEMORIES!! I heard that from the movie ''Laughing Gor'' and also saw some people sharing this news in facebook so I think its gonna be real. After a few days of addicted to that game I feel that I'm a much happier person and those sad memories never haunt me anymore. Basically my mind is empty with emo ness and its not filled with happiness either. Neutrality is always the best :) :)

Yesterday my neighbour saw me washing my car before I drove back to Malacca. He came over and taught me alot of the car basics! Like what is the must do, what is the must not do. Gosh, I have learnt alot! These tips prolly saved my life. Literally. No joke, no exaggeration. Its good to have some basic knowledge in these because who knows you might really need them?

P/s : Drive less, less accident. hahahahaha -_-

P/p/s : there is always a lil someone and a lil something to cheer up your shitty day. <3
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