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Posted Friday, December 02, 2011 // 0 comments (+)
Just got back from WenHao's 21st birthday celebration. Guess what, we went into an accident!! *hopefully and pray hard my mom doesn't read this cuz I THINK she doesn't read my blog since I changed my blog link* but I still wanna share with you guys anyway.

We were kinda... driving on the highway. It is not exactly like a highway but you get the idea how broad the road and how fast moving those cars were. Then we were chit chatting and joking inside the car, and the next moment we saw we were really close to a white saga car in front of us and we failed to break in time and we.........kissed its ass. And Wenhao's car light was spoilt. We banged the front car, then the back car banged us. Triple bang!!!! =_='' But THANK GOD we were all alright. Safety first, always! Gosh please please drive carefully when you are on the road next time. Better be slow and safe than fast and dangerous!!! You won't wanna see someone dear to you leave this world T_T I mean, you literally kenot pay such heavy responsibility if you made someone die right!! Ahh thank God thank God I felt so lucky already. T______T

Driving fast is indeed cool. I've seen some of my guy friends drive fast and then I was like,OMG SO COOL ONE! But when I got home, I felt extremely insecure about this guy. And I've seen my guy friends drive really slow and carefully. I was like, why you drive so slow? But in the end when I got home, I actually was admiring that guy for his patience and his maturedness!

Next topic, I browsed another girl's profile in fb today. She was with another boy before that! Call me busy body but I APPEAR to remember how her ex looked like and right now she was with another bf hugging her so tight from the back?! How on earth can they proceed so fast and how on earth can she moved on so fast?!!! Honestly, is it sex? Don't wanna think this way but honestly?? Is it is it? But I think to me really kenot lor LOL! Sex is just...... something you really wanna do with someone you love. The love of your life.

I don't know why they can move on so fast. I really don't. Especially another junior in my uni. She was with my friend just few months ago! Then they broke up. Then now she coupled with another guy! Then she broke up again so right now she was ranting and feeling emo about who?? ?? lol... I doubt mix feelings she got. -_-

Damn, don't make me feel insecure towards love alright? But look at the bright side Steph. There are so many lovely couples around you that are still standing strong after so long. So there IS true love. But seriously I really dare not trust anyone anymore. :( Trust myself better. LOL!

Another piece of advice right here.Suddenly this thing came into my mind and I thought I HAVE to share it!

Best break up advise : You should feel glad because you lost a boy that doesn't love you anymore. He should feel sad because he lost a girl that loves him deeply. Pretty much make sense right?

Trust yourself, love yourself, make yourself happy. When you are bored, make yourself feel happening! When you are down, cheer yourself up! Its your life, not others. Its what YOU want that matters, not what others want.


Goodnight. 3:11am.

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