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Posted Saturday, December 10, 2011 // 0 comments (+)
Just finished one paper and SWEET JESUS it was over. I had Auditing paper. I always hated the fact that we always had minimum of 1 and half hour for just MID TERM paper but most of the time we had 2. Kristy only 1 hour. During finals our average time for one paper is 3 hours. Insane much? But that is what we have to go through if we take this course! I hope all our hardworks will promise us a not-too-bad future! :D

Gonna blog about a small lil getaway to beaches before I head of for dinner!

Divers club organized a member's gathering at Melaka Club few days ago. It was not a real clubbing type of club it was a club where you can play all sorts of sports and games and also swim there! It was really awesome!!

So on saturday, we, committees had to go and test game.

Otw there, stopped by to buy Klebang's infamous Coconut Milk Shake! If you come Melaka this is a must try! How come they are so brilliant to sell such a cooling drink in Malaysia, around the beach? They are smart!

They sell this by the roadside and look at the queue.
It wasn't WOW that type of long but it was long enough for just a simple drink. -_-

The main ingredients!Loads of coconuts.

And they added vanilla ice cream ( we even peeked at what ice cream he used - WALTZ VANILLA ICE CREAM LOL) and also put in some ice, some sugar water and coconut water!

And pour everything into their secret machine.

And tadaaaa, there you have it! Sweet cold ice blended ice cream coconut milk shake. Yumzzz

They have to mark it original because there are too many other versions out there.

Happy Cindy!

Sara, a sweet and bubbly girl.

And we finally reached Melaka Club!!


Love Ah Qin's dress!

While they were discussing the games we went to shop for BBQ ingredients! We went Jonker! To have our dinner. We were alllll starving, and also craving for durian puff *heheheheheh*

Too bad their famous laksa is finished :(

Then we went Tesco and shop for our BBQ ingredients for the next day's BBQ dinner at the beach. We bought them all and went to Sara's house and marinated all the chicken and busy until 230 am. Of course partly is because after we've done everything, we all lie cozily on the couch and watch TV.

Till next time!
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