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Posted Saturday, December 31, 2011 // 0 comments (+)

Should be sleeping 3 hours ago but its NEW YEAR who is going to bed at 12 o'clock!!

Supposed to go KL countdown today but ended up the plan tak jadi because some friends cannot make it etc. Sigh, should have stayed in Melaka and ask other friends don't go back hometown and just celebrate in Melaka.

Had a full 12 hours of sleep today and my vertigo is GONE! ^_^ I felt super energetic after the 12 hours sleep. I slept around 12 am yesterday and it was such a huge achievement for me! Sleeping early really DID make you feel better the next day.

Since Kristy and I have no plans at all so we decided to go Jusco to eat secret recipe (random much LOL) and also dine at Pizza Italia, just the two of us. I'm glad to have a sister actually because... any outing will be awesome for us even if just the two of us because we're soooo used to each other's flaws and good points that we can always tolerate them. Although I really can't help but scolding her for her blurness because she is super blur!! If she can get not-so-blur then it will be better! So yeah I'm so fierce towards her because I must educate her! Sometimes we can just argue with each other but a few hours later we'll be talking again like last time hahahah awesome much!

And at night we went Station One with the bunch to countdown. I prefer to go KL still!! Saw someone extremely motivates me. But I dare not plan much because I know none of what I have planned will come through T______T

Chat with my friends just now and then we talked about death! How fragile is one's life. :(
Sometimes you just have to consider about the serious consequences that you will face after you made a mistake. If you drink and drive, and your friends DIED because of you. You know its gonna haunt you forever right? :( So please, DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE! TAKE CARE OF UR OWN HEALTH!! BETTER SAFE THAN NEVER!! Appreciate life!!!!!

Phone was too laggy because of the super full inbox! When I wanna check my new messages i will have to wait around 20 seconds (FOR REAL) and I was really lazy to delete one by one so I ended up deleting all!! Was super reluctant, I kept asking my sister and my friends whether I should do this or not. They all supported me -_- so here it is!! I DELETEd ALL OF MY MESSAGES!! BYEBYE OLD MEMORIES!! Some good and sweet memories are well kept in my heart, no worries :) :)

Happy New Year 2012. I hope this is not the world end. So please take care of yourself aight!!

Please be good,
be matured,
be considerate,
be kind,
speak good words,
do good things,
respect others!

Signing off,
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