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Posted Wednesday, December 14, 2011 // 0 comments (+)
Expectations :

Reality :


Everytime when I look at the photos my friends uploaded, I was ONLY looking for self portrait pictures. I don't really... look at sight seeing pictures. That is like the LAST thing I'll have a look at. Sometimes even if I'm bored to death I will also straight away skip em. hahahha

But one of my friend is totally opposite with me. She loves to look at sight seeing photos! I never understand why. I guess I'm not that kinda travel person.

But then when I first started to travel and I realized...... I LOVE TO TRAVEL!!!!!!

Although you might wanna pack lots of clothes with you, you have to wash all the dirty clothes after your vacation is over which is such a big hassle. You will have to pack this pack that unpack this unpack that, get far far away from your comfort zone. But still, its a very hard to buy experiences.

When I get to a place where I ONLY get to see on TV I get super excited. I'm finally there!! Right here right now!! Its still pretty hard to believe. Oh gosh.

And then you will get super addicted to travelling. I have this junior, I don't know what is he studying or is he even studying right now but he went so many places!!! One of them is Hong Kong, and right now he is in Paris for 40 days, self travel. He travels........alone.

OMG!! Look at his mobile upload pictures and check ins, I was REALLY JEALOUS AND ENVY! (another reason for me to buy iphone4s hahahhahahaha). He's in Paris HOW CAN HOW CAN. He get lost alone, experience new things alone. T______T If i have the cash you'll never get to see me in Malaysia dy.LOL. I wish to travel with him too T__________T.

Travelling is never something to brag and boast about. Its just something to upgrade yourself. Something to change your perception. Something to make you realize that the world is so big and you don't even have to feel sad or sorry for small lil details.

Ahh I want to travel. Alone, too. :)

P/s : feeling so damn relieve after my mid term papers!! I finally has the time to paint my nails and work on my to-do-lists and plans etc. And we just had a housemate steamboat just now, it feels good to know more people. And it feels good to know that someone out there, is eager to make friends like you do too. =))))

P/p/s : A guy is blasting ''Truly, Deeply,Madly'' across our building. It was such a romantic song until he SCREAM OUT LOUD WTH!! But to whoever you are, you are kinda cute!!
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