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Posted Tuesday, December 27, 2011 // 0 comments (+)

1) Don't say people stalker when there is such thing call FACEBOOK.
I find it damn funny when people say, ''omg!! you stalk me ah?! if not how u know about her bla bla bla''
Once or twice its alright. I know when they are joking and when they are not.


When you play Facebook, there is basically nothing to hide. There is ticker on the right. There is also news feed on the wall!!
I really don't know want to cry or laugh. Where got people perasan until this extend.
They share it on their facebook, makes it so public and expect people not to know. Very funny.

2) Make friends with others because you really want to make friends with others.
I HATE PEOPLE talking to others only when they need favor. If I ever did that to you please let me know so that I can change. But I can guarantee you I don't do that on purpose, because I myself hate people do that to me. I hate people be friends with others because of BENEFIT. When that someone losses that benefit he or she will just throw him aside. Like wth? Its just like praising the Lord when you're in deep troubles!

3) Boast and brag about every single new stuffs.
Sharing and boasting are very similar. But one in a very warm way and another one it just makes people feel disgusted. Share as in you share what you are going through with no braggings inside. Just pure sharing of happiness or sadness or thoughts! Its okay to boast but PLEASE don't brag to others and look down on them as if they don't know what that is or don't know where it was!! I hate people bragging about something and even worse, they will look down on others on that. PLEASE PLEASE we know all these we just don't like to brag like you!! How chlidish.............

Girls, troublesome animals. I agree. I hate being a girl sometimes.

I think that's all. But seriously please please please be rational and matured.

And most importantly, don't ddly!!!! (sorry for being rude I mean) don't banyak pattern lah! @_@
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