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Posted Friday, November 04, 2011 // 0 comments (+)
Today is a very good day. ^_^

Firstly, solved a friend's problem and made him relieved.

Secondly, went for fish(!!!) at blossom! The awesome fish again!! For supper (opps..)

Thirdly, Im back to Seremban - the ever-so-sweet hometown.

Forthly, a VERY LONG TIME NO CHAT friend chat with me in MSN today! He asked me why I so long never online MSN ( I scared he thought I blocked him which I did not) so I told him it is because.. I have no reason to online msn lol..Who needs MSN when you have facebook huh.

Fiftly, I'm going for movie tomorrow!!! The adventures of TinTin.

Sixtly, I'm going for IN TIME on Monday!!!

And that's it.

Sometimes happiness in my eyes are not really clubbing in some awesome place for the whole night, get wasted get drunk get silly and laughed all along but happiness in my eyes are pretty simple sometimes. To bath a hot bath, have a hot drink and watch HD movie on my laptop (Never go for non-HD movie anymore :P) (and of course, I prefer really good movies :D)

P/s : No matter how bad that day was, there's gotta be something good in it. Never untrue.
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