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Posted Monday, November 28, 2011 // 0 comments (+)
Mid terms are COMING! Teach me how to study when Christmas and CNY is coming. The power to stay focus on what you are suppose to stay focus on and not sway away from it. Its gonna be quite tough. But I'm not doing these alone rite!!

Rainy day whole day. I began to like rainy days don't know since when. Last time I don't really like rainy days because it kinda make me moody but right now I think they are gonna freshen up the air so MORE RAIN PLEASE! LOL

Had a very sweet dream today. :))

The first reaction when I asked my boy friends this : Do you all wanna watch Twilight?

They will be like this

so I guess I can only watch Twilight with my girl friends.

I gotta go continue study. See ya people!

Till next time!

P/s : Can't wait for December to come.
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