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Posted Wednesday, November 23, 2011 // 0 comments (+)

Sorry for the delayed posts!

Presenting to you all, my Hong Kong Trip day 1! :)

Its our first time riding a plane!!! Our very first! We were super excited. And then we kept on snapping pictures like nobody's business.xD

We sat at the last row because they are all empty, or else we're gonna sit separate. Kristy got the last row, she's super happy!

The beautiful blue sky outside. It was such a nice nice view.

Kristy's meal. VERY NICE LE. LOL

Mine, not too bad! But small size. Lol

Collecting our luggage bag at HK's airport! Their airport is fantastic. Super huge. When I meant super huge I really meant it. We literally have to take their internal train to travel for one spot to another spot >.< it was thattttttt huge!

Their super pack bus.

And we reached Sham Shui Po by MTR! Their MTR system is awesome. Unlike ours. I mean ours are not bad but theirs are super systematic! The best part is, they always have a girl telling us : ''Be careful, don't fall''.

And we reached Wong Kok. It was the busiest town in HK. When we reached, it was already night. Our flight postponed!We were like hungry wolves carrying our super heavy luggage searching for our hotel to place our luggage and food.

When we got out from the MTR, I saw MIssha ( some korea cosmetic brand) just right beside their underground arcade. Saw lotsssss of youngters dressing up pretty nice walking on the street too. Kinda reminds me of Tokyo. Only that Tokyo is so much higher sense of fashion!

When we have settled down our luggages, we took MTR and go for our destination for food.

HK people are very dependent on this public transport. Therefore their MTR station is very well built and renovated. We had to buy Octopus Card which costed us HKD 150 in order to travel here and there. Very convenient.

We reached our destination! But it was raining, pretty much a bummer. All the stalls had to close.

Their famous dai pai dong.


With Yixi and Qwen.

My beef noodles.

Their famous ''dong ling char'' which is REALLY nice! I love this!!! Its just like our Teh O Ais lemon in Malaysia. =P

"Si Mat Nai Char'' which is not bad too.

Saw ChaTime there! But I don't know is miscommunications or what, they seemed to misunderstand we said mocha or matcha LOL..Kristy was really pissed by their attitude.LOL

It is tasteless =(

Then we headed for our dessert!!!

Shi Hui and me

Mango fruit desserts!! Yum yum!! :D

WenXin and Kristy

Wah mangooooo! Bottom full with sago. Slurps

Right after that, we kinda walked around nearby our hotel.

Their underground arcade!

Makes me feel like a bad girl. -_-

It was around 12 oclock. So happening down there!

This is SUPER cool right? They are racing horses!

This is our pack hotel. No lah haha it is a double decker! There are 2 double deckers in that hotel. So its quite comfy!

Budget hotel is budget hotel. I reallyyyy love nice hotel! :P Because it made me feel like the whole journey is super awesome but also I know, its such a waste of money cuz you don't have to spend so much on sleeping. xD

That marked our Day 1!
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